Cat Genie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Cat Genie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

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Nice This item is so cool. Such a time saver. My cats love it. So glad they are not scared.

If I could give this product ZERO star, I would. It is expensive to purchase ($280) and maintain (over $30/month) and it is unreliable. Cleaning it as recommended is a disgusting experience. My cats are reluctant to use it and it is noisy and now it is broken again. It is huge and difficult to find a place to install in my 2000 square foot home with 3 bathrooms. I was actually considering a bathroom remodel to accommodate it! Customer service has apparently only one reasonable person in their employment, and she is not authorized to do much to help. I feel like an idiot for spending so much money on this. Two processing units have now failed and I am expected to spend $70 to ship the last one back to them for a $90 repair. My next plan is to put it out on the curb with a "Free" sign.

I have had my Cat Genie for about 8 months now. Overall I love it! It scoops, cleans, and dries all at the touch of a button...or set it up for cat activated or up to 4 times per day. We have had to refill the cartridge and "litter" once since the original purchase. We recently had an error come up and we had to call customer service. They were very polite and helpful, they are sending us a replacement part. I've always hated cleaning the cat box and being pregnant I haven't been able to do it without concern, it has been worth the money to purchase this product, my cat loves stepping into a clean box as well.

oh my gosh i have to try this expecially scine im pregnant it would help alot

It looks so little, but it's way bigger than that right? LOL

Now that I've read this I may go & purchase one if it's not to pricey!!! I have 4 cats & I'm not a fan of the litter box... I have something now that has a dome cover though so I'm not sure if this will be any good for us because my darling furr babies insist on making a mess & throwing litter all over the place is there is no cover to it...

I had to watch my sister's 3 cats for 6 weeks, I was thinking what a pain cleaning out the litter box. But she has the Genie and I fell in love with it. All I had to do was flush the toilet when I went to feed them. It was great and I don't mind watching her cats.

I need this so bad !!! But of course what does it cost?

This sounds interesting but what does it cost?

Just when I thought life couldn't get any better, the new Cat Genie was released. Anyone who has a cat and does not have a Cat Genie is insane!!!! This is the best invention of the century. Nobel Prize worthy!

The NEW CatGenie 120 is now available!!! Cartridges last longer and it features a Cat Activation feature.