Castle Toys Junior Doctor's Kit

Castle Toys Junior Doctor's Kit

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A great toy to give kids opportunities to learn and explore. They learn vocabulary for the tools and ways that a doctor deals with their patience. It makes a great gift for the budding doctor like my niece.

My nephew loves playing doctor and this is perfect for him, all the stuff that he needs are in this kit.

My son says he's going to be a doctor and go to Yale so we decided to buy this for him. He fixes his brothers' boo boos all the time. Best thing we could have done he loves it and we're hoping it encourages him to never give up on his dream!

My son and daughter both love playing doctors! This toy is amazing for most ages

I had to add this product because it is the best gift you could buy for any gender! I have two daughters who always ask for the hottest toys which are heavily advertised. Yet both of them have played more with this very inexpensive gift more than any others. The plastic "tools" and case are sturdy and easy to clean. Any child from ages 2-1/2 to 8 or 9 will play doctor.