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  • Emschick707 By  Emschick707    

    Cascadian farms is one of my favorite go to granolas!!! So good you can eat it right outta the box by the handful!!

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  • Reyna1044 By  Reyna1044    

    you'll love this!

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  • Hendrika By  Hendrika    

    I just love this cereal. Nice and crunchy and very tasteful. It really keeps you going till lunchtime.

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  • im26e4u04 By  im26e4u04    

    i would love to try this!

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    Tastes pretty good - the granola can be a bit hard at times. It's good for you!

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  • wagarific918 By  wagarific918    

    I absolutely LOVE Cascadian Farm products. The cereals are delicious and keep you full, and when you're in a rush or need a quick snack, the granola bars are fabulous! I wish it were a little less expensive though. Unless there is a coupon available, they are pricey to purchase.

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  • amrm6226 By  amrm6226    

    I use this granola mixed in yogurt with some fruit. It is good, however sometime a little to hard. Of all the "off the shelf" granola's, this is on of the best.

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  • law4usc By  law4usc    

    The only granola I will buy!

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  • ruthhill74 By  ruthhill74    

    Fantastic cereal! The best granola cereal around, I think. Expensive, but look for the coupons that abound!

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  • notheragain By  notheragain    

    I agree. Their granola is really good. Pricey, but much better than others I've tried. Their dark chocolate version is also very good.

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