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  • drasticdesigner By  drasticdesigner    

    I'm not sure why but this product has never worked well for me. The taste is less than desirable too.

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  • Daisy85 By  Daisy85    

    I have been a life time user of carmex it seriously does the trick! Living in MI a good lip balm is a must and carmex original is always in my bag. Love the classic scent, it stirs memories from way back when!

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  • suttondancer By  suttondancer    

    Great product!

    My family has been using this product for many, many years. It is the best lip product for dry lips. You can also use it over lipstick to give you a nice glossy shine. Love this product!

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  • donnalee2001 By  donnalee2001    

    THE best lip balm

    I have tried just about every lip balm made. Carmex is the only one that has saved me from my dry, chapped lips. I have been allergic to many other lip products, but that is not true of Carmex. I have a tube in my pocket and/or purse at ALL times. I highly recommend it.

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  • lauraealex23 By  lauraealex23    

    Help my winter lips

    Great product to use when my lips are chapped. I can tell it's working by how tingly my lips get. Always my go-to in the winter.

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  • UrbanAuthor By  UrbanAuthor    

    Carmex Lip Balm is one of my all time favorites! Made with good quality ingredients. Has a minty smell and is strong, but works really well for dry lips. It even works well on cold sores/fever blisters. Non sticky. Goes on smooth. Long lasting. I would recommend this to anyone.

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  • day363 By  day363    

    Really works

    This product really works it heals dry cracked lips and I myself have found that it works with cold sores it has a nice consistency and stays on your lips

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  • tlynn8 By  tlynn8    

    the best lip balm

    this product has helped me through multiple fever blister breakouts, and lip cracks. i use this religiously, and will never stop using it.

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  • mayaml By  mayaml    

    This is a great product! If you have really dry/cracked/bleeding lips like I did, this healed them up. It is really gentle and smooth to the lips. The smell is not entirely pleasant, but the product works so I don't mind. I would repurchase in the future for sure!

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  • SaraRT By  SaraRT    

    I love this lip balm. I have very sensitive lips, and many lip balm and chapsticks are too harsh and hurt my lips. This balm, however, helps sooth my lips after using others. It makes my lips soft, keeps them moisturized for a long time, and is inexpensive.

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  • heatie115 By  heatie115    


    My kids use this when fall/winter hits. They get really bad chapped lips and this works great to take the pain away and keep their lips moisturized. It goes away fast too!

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  • KellaRose By  KellaRose    

    My go to for chapped, cracked lips.

    Carmex has always been my go to for dry winter lips. Mine always crack and sometimes even bleed, and when they do I always grab the Carmex I keep stashed away, nothing else seems to work quite as well, or as fast to ease the burning and discomfort. It keeps your lips very well coated, which helps them to heal faster. Another factor that really makes this product the best thing for chapped lips (in my opinion anyway) is the taste. It isn't sweet or delicious at all. Now, don't get me wrong, Carmex has a fine, almost neutral taste, and is in no way unpleasant, but it's that blandness that makes it all the more awesome. Most lip products have a flavor added to them that tastes good, and the last thing you want to do when you have cracked, chapped lips is lick them. But with that fruity stuff you sometimes do it without thinking. With Carmex, you don't have that problem, and can just put it on, and proceed with your day without stressing about trying to remember not to lick your lips. Healing power AND peace of mind? Sign me up.

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  • GeekyButterfly By  GeekyButterfly    

    This stuff works. It leaves my lips moist even in very cold weather. I would recommend it for anyone who suffers from dry, chapped lips. Plus I love the smell!

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  • carriezema By  carriezema    

    My go to...

    I always use carmex for my chapped lips. I even put it on my nose it the skin is chapped due to the weather.

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  • LindaS2434 By  LindaS2434    

    Great product! I always have my Carmex close by. Works well on dried chapped lips. Very affordable! Found it at the Dollar Tree!!

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