Carbona  Stain Devils

Carbona Stain Devils

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For YEARS, I've struggled with getting stains out of clothing. Once I had kids, the problem really escalated. Discovering Carbona Stain Devils and their stain-specific formulas has been a blessing for me. Laundry is easier, and my family's clothes are lasting longer.

Carbona has formulas that target specific types of everyday stains: ballpoint ink, blood, coffee/tea, fat/cooking oil, grass, ketchup, perspiration and many more including paint. It is dermatologically tested and environmentally friendly. I have used these for years and simply cannot find a better stain remover. If you forget about a stain and don't treat it immediately, the formulas will work very well! I have the complete set of all 9 Stain Devils and use them weekly to have stain-free clothing!