Cape Cod Potato Chips

Cape Cod Potato Chips

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I really like that these chips are not as greasy as others and really like that they are a little crunchier too.

Has to be my favorite chip. I love that it's so crunchy and its not as greasy as some of the other chips.

very crunchy and flavorful! one tasty chip!

Best chips ever! My husband introduced me to these awesome babies. I wonder if they taste better in the Cape? Yum

This product has perfect crunch and good consistent quality. They aren't too salty and they aren't greasy.

I consider myself to be a potato chips addict that has tried almost every brand out there and cape cod's chips are easily one of my favorites. I love how crunchy they are and are always full of flavor.

sorry not for me. Lower salt is good but the taste is basically disappointingly bland. prefer other baked lower salt brands

I love these chips because they are not too salty.

I `ve tried this alot of times and i love it! its natural and healthy snack!

The jalapeno flavor are my favorite. Kettle chips are so much better (in my opinion) than regular potato chips.

I actually love the crunch that these provide but I agree that they can come with a bit of a salty taste and sometimes bland flavor(minus the salt of course). I find the flavored varieties to be the best. The price has also greatly improved in my area on these and that makes me even more willing to buy.

These are good, but a little too salty for me.

I eat the reduced fat variety, yummy

These were the first kettle cooked chips I tried, and still one of my favorites.