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  • noelwuvsyou By  noelwuvsyou    

    My mom has this camera. and its awesome! takes great pictures. it takes it fast without delay. i want one!

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  • melinda011 By  melinda011    

    Love this camera. It takes great pictures and it is sooo easy to use. I have a small camera that I carry in my purse, but when it comes time to take pictures I always wish I had my canon rebel. The picture quality can't be beat for the price.

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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    My sister has this and it takes really great pictures

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  • paulagcps By  paulagcps    

    I needed a camera that would take pictures of my daughters basketball and volleyball games.This camera does a great job! It has a white balance setting for flourescent light and does great indoors at sports.

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  • love4999 By  love4999    

    Best money I have ever spent! I have fabulous pictures of my children and family. Comprable pricing and the lens are very affordable.

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  • suzinshawn By  suzinshawn    

    I love this camera! You do not have to be a pro to use this. In fact this Canon is pretty easy to point and shoot. The XS is rather inexpensive for the features MOST of us moms use. I have used this camera at football games, track meets and at Christmas programs. I do suggest getting the optional zoom lens - 75mm-300mm. However, I have worked with an old fashioned, manual camera, so I am familiar with f-stops and other manual functions so it allows me to do a bit more than just point and shoot... but it works well just on automatic, too.

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  • tigerlillylove By  tigerlillylove    

    Ah this camera my boyfriend bought it for me but I honestly wish he bought me the nikon d3100 Ive heard ravishing reviews on it! this camera is not the greatest slr. I feel that its out of focus most of the time, we returned id because for an slr this just doesnt cut it. Ive think that the nikon d3100 is something Id like, But Im just not willing to make the big step and purchase an slr because of how bad this cannon was my boyfriend said maybe it was a "lemon" model or a defective model so we just returned it.

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  • mpcluxto By  mpcluxto    

    Great camera. Would recommend it for anyone, regardless of level. I take beeeautiful, crisp, colorfol pictures at my son's football games and wrestling matches. SO much so that the coaches have made me the league photographer, and parents now leave their cameras at home.

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  • raceytb By  raceytb    

    I think it really depends on what you are looking for. This is a basic entry level digital SLR camera, which will give you the basics. I opted for the next level camera as after review both models, I wanted something that I could use once I develop and learn some skills. I was afraid of getting the baisc model (which also isn't cheap), and then by taking classes etc, wanting something better and having to upgrade.

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  • therese11 By  therese11    

    this is like my dream camera! Ive always wanted to be a photographer and i always found every aspect of it interesting. Ive used this camera once before and it was absolutely amazing. its just too much money

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    i got the 12MP one, love it to death though its quite a chore to carry around. beautiful sharp images!

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  • shopperMD By  shopperMD    

    You dont have to be an advance photographer to use this. You just have to be ready to learn and not be intimated. Its large but if you want the best possible pictures available then an SLR is what you need. You can spend as much as you want on a small camera but they cant do what an SLR can. Its great. Just buy an extra lens for zoom, make sure you get the stabilization lens.

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