Can Inducing Labor Be As Simple and Delicious As Eating a Burger?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 04, 2019

Kelsey Quarberg

Every woman who has been faced with the discomfort of those last days of pregnancy knows that we will try just about anything to get that baby out. From eating spicy foods, getting intimate with your partner or doing the unthinkable - drinking castor oil, most women are familar with the “remedies” that are said to help induce labor. But now, a restaurant in Minnesota wants pregnant women to know that inducing labor can be as easy as eating a cheeseburger.

Today reports about the Minnesota restaurant called The Suburban that is serving up a burger creation that they say has helped their pregnant patrons kickstart labor. The burger, that is aptly named “The Labor Inducer” is carefully made with certified angus beef, 2 slices of honey cured bacon, American cheese, spicy Cajun remoulade, peach carmelized onion, and Bavarian mustard on a pretzel bun. 

The owner, Kelsey Quarberg, was the first to experience the magical inducing powers of this beefy sandwich. While taste testing the new menu item in a small slider form, Quarberg says she liked it so much that she asked her chef to make her a full-sized version. She was 38 weeks pregnant at the time and wasn’t too worried about the extra calories. It wasn’t until six hours later when her contractions began that Quarberg started to think of the burger as more than just an afternoon snack.

After giving birth, Quarberg felt she had no choice but to call the burger “The Labor Inducer”. She explains, “When we were picking a name for the Burger Battle entry we thought the 'Labor Inducer' was a cute name ... but had no idea it would work on anyone else.” But what happened next really solidified the name. Customer Katy Engler, who came into the restaurant very pregnant, found herself in the throws of labor soon after chowing down on the now famous burger. Quarberg says, “(Engler) didn’t know about the burger until she arrived, but said she had to order it since it was her due date. She also went into labor at midnight that same evening.”

What do you think of this burger that is said to induce labor?

What kinds of remedies have you heard of or tried to speed along the beginning of labor?

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janiea by janiea | JACKSON, GA
Oct 30, 2019

I don't believe it, I don't believe in inducing labor unless it's absolutely necessary! When he or she is ready, it'll happen. I have heard of women riding down long, bumpy, dirt rodes, lol

Apricotdreams by Apricotdreams | CLOVIS, CA
Oct 11, 2019

Scrubbing the floors with a tooth brush, brisk walking, but the one that works is sex.