Camping: Love it or Hate it? Enter to Win a Gift Card in our #CampingGiveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.22.16
Camping: Love it or Hate it?  Enter to Win a Gift Card in our #CampingGiveaway!

Few vacations elicit such opposing reactions as camping. There are diehard campers who can’t wait to spend their weekends cooking meals over the fire and relaxing under the stars. And there are also people who are majorly turned off by the idea of bugs crawling around them and sleeping without a personal bathroom in their room.

Are you a camper? Read on and then enter below for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to either REI or Amazon - winner's choice!

Truth is, camping can be many things. Yes, it’s dirty and buggy but it’s also a peaceful escape from the daily grind, where you’re forced to turn off the electronics and explore the beauty of the natural world.

Whether you are camping in a tent, cabin, RV, or treehouse, the benefits of being out in nature are well-documented. It helps the body, mind and spirit, while also strengthening family bonds. Plus, it can be tons of fun, even for beginners.

We recently asked young campers what their favorite part of camping is and were told everything from “sleeping in the tent” to “playing outside all day.” And who could forget “roasting s’mores on the campfire?"

And now the National Wildlife Federation is encouraging everyone to have this experience when it sponsors the Great American Campout on June 25th and all summer long. Check out their website for first-timer tips, and to take a pledge to try camping this summer.

What do you love (or hate!) about camping? Tell us and you could win a $25 gift certificate to either REI or Amazon - winner's choice!

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below and tell us your favorite (or least favorite) part of camping.


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  • lsunshine68 By lsunshine68

    the talks around the campfire

  • lsunshine68 By lsunshine68


  • Leslie_emme77 By Leslie_emme77

    My son used to be a Boy Scout and his father was not very active in participating so I used to take him on his camping trip. One time I went to walk into our tent and an orange hairy spider was in there and scared me half to death but other than that I really enjoyed camping experiences as long as there is an actual bathroom nearby (which usually means we stay at a state park). Air mattresses and coolers with refreshing drinks in them to keep for an overnight trip are always a must. Also paid $40 for a Coleman lantern just to make sure we can see at night, no more creepy crawlies here!

  • gypsymoon By gypsymoon

    I love everything about camping other than sleeping in the tent!

  • Mrstaylor08 By Mrstaylor08

    I love making smores and falling asleep to the sound of nature. I hate waking up in a tent in the mornings bc it always seems to be so hot. I also hate having to go somewhere else to use the bathroom when you're tent camping

  • Teresa721 By Teresa721

    I love camping but since I developed fibromyalgia I cant sleep on the ground anymore. So no camping for me until we can get a travel trailer with real beds.

  • gbongiovi By gbongiovi

    I haven't been camping for years, so I can hardly recall. The bugs, having to share toilets and showers, other people's filth, the screaming of kids, the campgrounds being pitch dark in the middle of the night, the uncomfortable tents and sleeping bags, having to put up with parents... endless hassle

  • alivea By alivea

    would love to win

  • Nelsonj By Nelsonj

    i love camping is the best

  • myliamoua By myliamoua

    Late night smores

  • sns62098 By sns62098

    I love the feeling of sleeping outside and waking up to the beautiful fresh morning air with nothing to distract you from nature. sleeping in a tent thru the rain can also be quite enjoyable as long as you can stay dry!

  • SimplyCathi By SimplyCathi

    I love everything about camping. Except sleeping on the ground. I can't sleep on the ground. I love everything about camping when I have my air mattress.

  • superchixor By superchixor

    Smores! ;)

  • Jannine007 By Jannine007

    Camping , I can take it or leave it.

  • TRasmusan By TRasmusan

    Love camping! Love friends and family. HATE packing and unpacking!

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