Campbell'sŪ Select HarvestŪ Soup

Campbell'sŪ Select HarvestŪ Soup

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Very hearty and full of flavor Soup, my kids love it too

Best tasting soup I really love this brand💞😍. I like it because it's very healthy. My daughter really likes it also. The taste of it reminds me of soup that my grandma makes. The chicken tastes awesome. I highly recommend this brand 👍😎.

I like these soups, but I wish more vegetables were in the can. Lower amount of salt would help everyone. Brands that try to appear to be "healthy " and find out different when you read the ingredients is disappointing!

Hearty and full of flavor! I really liked these soups a lot! I love the comforting, filling, feeling my family gets when I feed them great tasting foods. These are good for lunch or dinner with a sandwich. My favorite is the Light Vegetable! Hearty and full of flavor!

This taste good i love their soups good eating nice to have when you are sick

Hearty Soup This soup is very hearty and I love the soft noodles.

Good soup Good brand of soups. It has a clean taste and good sized chicken bite.

So freaking good. I'm screaming. "Mmmmmmmm" its my go to for a quick lunch or dinner on a colder night the hubmeister and i love it. 10 out of 10.

I love these soups! They are so flavorful and taste great. Lots of varieties and healthy ingredients.

good price and filling great fulling meal and healthy for you! Good price

Not only is this good for a quick meal and something good to eat when your sick but its a healthier choice, it doesnt taste overally seasoned and it fills you up.

Awesome Soup brand I love the harvest Blend soups, they are great healthy and very nutricious.

Awesome Soup brand I love the harvest Blend soups, they are great healthy and very nutricious.

Good product Very healthy an hearty good product it's light and a healthy choice when it comes to wenting something quick an light.

LEVELED UP LIKE A VIDEO GAME Campbell's always make you feel better when you're sick. I feel like evey year they level up a little. lol.