Calphalon Nonstick 10-Inch International Griddle/Crepe Pan

Calphalon Nonstick 10-Inch International Griddle/Crepe Pan

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Got one for my birthday...use it constantly

I love these pans. They do not get scratched but they probably would if you scraped a knife or fork across it. It is a durable pan and it is nonstick. I make breakfast, lunch and dinner with these pans.

I got it based on the common I read. It was worth of the money but it was only last for two year and the non-sticking surface was not functioning as it used to me. I would only asked why spending so much money on it when it did not even had a lifetime warranty.

Though these pans are expensive, they are worth every penny. They heat and cook consistently, are heavy duty and if properly cared for they will last forever. I only use Calphalon pans now.

I bought one of these based on reviews from Consumer Report, and I have not been disappointed. This fry pan is amazing, and while the price is a little bit steep (for me, anyway) I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to cook. You don't realize how crappy your kitchen tools are until you get something really good, and this pan will blow many people away.

Love these pans. I use them for so much and they clean really easy.

I love these pans - my favorites! They are really stick-free and easy to use. Not too heavy and not light where the heat sticks on one place - try it and fall in love with them yourselves!

I love my two caphalon pans - they hold up very well! I bought mine on sale at Bed,Bath and Beyond where I also had a 15 % off coupon - so a great deal all around.

When my husband and I got married we had done a lot of research on calphalon and loved them so we put calphalon on our registry. We received 5 pieces and we love LOVE them!!

My mom has this pan and I love it!!! She got these on sale at Macy's for about 60 to 70% off!! I know that they are some what pricey but when you can find them on a deal I believe its a steal!!! She had them already for over 2 years and they look brand new. I know she places them in the dishwasher and she cooks about 2 or 3 times a day.

I love these pans - so easy to clean and awesome to cook with. I love the grill pan for making sandwiches - I make all different kinds and they always come out perfect! I love the reg non stick pan for making eggs and pancakes!

I love this pan. It is heavy and non stick. I have been using this for a while and it hasnt scratched.

Anything Calphalon...fantastic to use, and clean. We use it for our group dinners when all our friends come over and we cook together from scratch...what a great day that is...everyone loves these pans.

I have a whole set of the nonstick pans and LOVE them. It has never been so easy to cook and clean! With the exception of the nonstick grill pan, which I CANNOT get clean and it has black burnt stuff all over it (and yes I wipe it down oil before I use it), these pans are wonderful.

I love love love these pans!!! They are so easy to clean and cookw ith. If I could afford a whole set I would splurge on it without a doubt.