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Calling All Creatives!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 11.01.11
Calling All Creatives!
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Have you turned your hobby into a flourishing business? Do you create or manage products that make great holiday gifts? Or are you someone in search of unique gifts for family and friends?

SheSpeaks might be able to connect you! We know so many of our members are incredibly talented women and we'd like to connect the creative businesses and give you an opportunity to shine amongst our community and spread the word about what you do. So, if you make any sorts of arts & crafts and/or produce anything creative, this is for you.

For example, Betsy a very talented NJ artist creates silver jewelry in her "free" time and with a long-time friend they opened an online store the barefoot gallery. It's a great place to pick up handcrafted teacher's, babysitters and hostess gifts that are intricate and unique.  We know there are many other creative small businesses that our members and their friends have started.  Tell us about a business you love, or share the details about one that you started yourself.

We are planning to build a holiday forum to feature and highlight all these great talents of members and friends.  We'd like to connect our community of savvy and insightful members who are always looking for the latest products and the scoop on new trends to these great emerging small businesses.  Nominate yourself and others and we'll do the rest!

So, If you make anything that could be for sale and are interested in hearing more, please post the following as a comment to this blog:

  1. Business name 
  2. What you produce or make
  3. A favorite product example
  4. A web address and/or your facebook URL or Twitter handle

We look forward to hearing from you all and seeing what you can do!


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  • missmturner By missmturner

    1. Business name: PhoenixFire Designs 2. What I make: Custom, handmade jewelry and accessories including my world-famous Tree of Life pendants. Additionally, I create Mother's birthstone pieces and custom bridal and bridesmaid items. 3. Product examples include my very popular Under A Full Moon Tree of Life pendant: as well as pieces in my birthstone collection like my March Tree featuring aquamarine gemstone in silver: 4. Links to find PhoenixFire Designs . - Storefront: - Facebook: - Blog: I've been in business for ten years and I greatly enjoy making unique items and gladly accept custom orders!

  • kraftykash By kraftykash

    1.KraftyKash 2. vintage dictionary. atlas, and Bible pendants and jewelry 3.The dictionary listings are my FAV. I love words! 4. You can find my shop on Etsy You can find me on twitter and facebook as kraftykash

  • Ghstwrting By Ghstwrting

    My Businesses names are Fuzzy Pickles Jewelry and the other one is a brick and morter store front that will be opening in the spring named the Speckled Freckled Frog . Both stores offer handmade items the Jewelry store primarly offers Jewelry..custom items, vintage repurposed items ,and of course new one of a kinds. We also offer an exclusive line of needle felted dolls,animals,all types of creations.

  • kstrickler By kstrickler

    1. Posh Invites 2. Stationary, Announcements, Photo Holiday cards. 3. I love working on all of it. I am really excited to showcase the new holiday photo cards i am currently working on. 4.

  • hgronski By hgronski

    Good Morning, My business name is Beadiful Designs, I create handmade jewelry that can be customized to your liking. I also have a wood working business with my dad DGW Woodcrafters where we can make pretty much anything you can think of! We've got a website with artfire and facebook is I love creating one of a kind pieces with my jewelry and trying new things with wood working. We have been making crafts for a long time and a few years ago started going to craft sales and having our own online store. I love it when I get custom orders and when the piece is done to see the expression on the customers face!

  • trisonik By trisonik

    Business Name: Cookie's Craft. I sell to craft shows, and fairs. I do not have a website for my crafts. I craft handmade Wire Wrapped Christmas Ornaments, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, wire candle holders. See sample and how to of one of Wire Wrapped Christmas Trees, one of my designs here: What I also make: I make wire Christmas Wreaths and Christmas Trees, boxes and bowls from wire hangers. I Don't throw wire hangers away they can be turned on to many decorations. Here is a example of a Christmas Wreath I made from 7 white wire hangers. While it is a Super Frugal Wire Wreath, it looks like a woven wreath how to here: I have started posting my Frugal Craft Decorations on, so that readers who can not afford to purchase gifts, may instead make gifts. I also craft beaded necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

  • trisonik By trisonik

    here is a link to my page I am also on twitter and facebook, and connected to shespeaks

  • polishirishmomma By polishirishmomma

    Frozentree Creations Handmade items that are sewn, knitted and crocheted.

  • knittybitties By knittybitties

    # Business name - Knitty Bitties # What you produce or make - Sewn accessories for your life # A favorite product example - Patchwork Camera Strap Slipcovers ( # A web address and/or your facebook URL or Twitter handle -

  • lea5000 By lea5000

    Business name : Lea Barozzi Design What you produce or make: Original illustrations and prints A favorite product example: A web address and/or your facebook URL or Twitter handle:

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