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  • Seafoam18 By  Seafoam18    

    Loved all products California Baby! My children got rashes and had sensitive skin issues up until age 2. The Calming Baby Shampoo and Baby Wash helped calm them and had the added bonus of being soothing to the skin. I love that California Baby uses natural organic products. Downfall is organic comes at a steep price. But when you can't use other products full of chemicals you spend what you have to so your baby is happy.

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  • MommyCassafrass By  MommyCassafrass    

    We love California Baby products in our home. I love that they are all natural. After doing tons of research on J&J when my little one's face became swollen after using it I learned about the harmful chemicals in it. Now we only use California baby, its a brand I trust!

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  • countrytomboy By  countrytomboy    

    I have never used a California Baby product I didn't like. All natural, no synthetic fragrances. Perfect for my kiddos of all ages

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  • abiggs By  abiggs    

    Great and non irritating product to use on my baby and toddler (and myself).

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  • monkichriz By  monkichriz    

    Nice and gentle and you can find it everywhere (Walgreens, Target, Amazon, etc.). Washes out much better than other baby shampoos and I am scared of J&J. Recently learned that my hospital refuses to carry J&J due to the chemicals in the products.

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  • circularsmiles By  circularsmiles    

    Wonderful stuff and a wonderful company to boot! My daugther was diagnosed with incredibly,incredibly, sensitive skin at her 2 day old checkup and this had been the absolute best soap for us!

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  • rmaynard7 By  rmaynard7    

    Excellent Product. This is one of the few shampoo/washes I use on my son. I love that it is organic, does not have a scent and little goes a long way. It does a great job. I can be a bit expensive; however, watch the Target ad for a sale or a coupon.

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  • birdbrain By  birdbrain    

    I've now been a mom for 4 years and tried plenty of baby/kids bath products. Soon after having my first, I learned about parabens and stopped using any of the mainstream soaps (like Johnson's). After trying most of the organic brands, California Baby is my absolute favorite. Our whole family uses it!

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  • glittergirlajj By  glittergirlajj    

    Awesome product and its so much better for the baby's skin. It is expensive but worth it because it has no harsh sulfates and other bad chemicals!

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  • alaskajamaica By  alaskajamaica    

    I am giving the California Baby brand 5 stars. I primarily use the sensitive line they have not this calming one. The brand is one of the safest overall for the family. There are others, but they are high on the list of the least ingredients that cause all sorts of stuff. I really love this brand.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    We received this as gift when our first daughter was born, and we loved it. It's very pricey, and can be hard to find, so we ended up using Johnson's a lot, but usually picked up a bottle when we saw it.

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