Calaphon Cooking with Calphalon Sets

Calaphon Cooking with Calphalon Sets

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Calphalon coating The Calphalon easily wears off despite using non-metal scrubbers. Wears off first around the rivets, from scrubbing around them to remove stuck food. Easily scratched even with Teflon coated utensils. The black coating on the outside of the pans is easily chipped off. I've had them 14 months and am now shopping for some better product.

Got these as a wedding gift a couple years ago, and we love them. DH washes pots and pans when I cook and he marvels every time at how easy cleanup is. I don't think I will ever use anything else to cook, they heat evenly, nothing ever sticks, and even my kids cook with them!

I purchased a set of Calphalon cookware at Bed Bath and Beyond and was given a free $50 gift card. The set is worth purchasing even if that promotion is not still valid. The cookware heats evenly and nothing sticks! I love them!

I love Calphalon. I have several pots and pans. They work great and have remained in good condition. I good most days and I give my pots and pans a workout.

I received a set of Calphalon pans for our wedding 6 years ago and I still have them all and they are in great conidition. Nothing ever sticks, the lids are tight and clear which lets me see what's going on in side. The only thing I don't like is that food gets stuck around the 2 metal brakets that hold the handle on. And the handles on the lids get extremeley HOT! So be careful.

My husband bought me this set at Costco for a Mother's Day gift after I said I wanted a real SET of pots and pans for my bucket list. I have bought sets from Costco before and they never really seemed all that great but when I started unboxing this set, I was pleasantly surprised. They have some serious weight to them which to some might be a downfall but normally when I get set that is "ultralight", they are also ultra cheap and fall apart or scratch horribly. This set stacks nicely and cleans up incredibly well. I love each and every piece but especially the tall walled skillet that I can fry something in without splatter everywhere! I also love the rubberized, long handles that make carrying them to the sink easy. I couldn't be happier with them and have tossed all other pots and pans out because this set is really all that I need!

I have been very happy with my calphlan pans, I've had them for 5 years now and they still work great.

I received a set of Caphalon as an engagement present over 15 years ago and I still use it, along with some additional pieces I purchased later. Most of mine have metal handles so they can go in the oven. Yes, they get hot, but you can get handle covers that slide over the metal and protect you from burns. The only piece I find a waste is the pasta insert; I thought it would be great but I never seem to use it so it just takes up space. My biggest problem is that Caphalon pots and pans are VERY heavy. Not good for anyone with arthritis. Unfortunately, I may have to replace mine just because of the weight issue. But I do love them.

My friend has this an brings me margaritas in the glass yum yum!

I have this set and I have used them and used them. I have two other brand sets and when I am cooking I reach for my trusty old calaphon set. It heats evenly and the non stick holds true to it's name. I wish they weren't so darn expensive but I guess that goes with you get what you pay for.

This brand was suggested to me by a co-worker. I originally purchased just a 2 skillet set for my mother-in-law, who enjoyed it so much, I bought a complete set for myself. I use a wood spoon or plastic on the inside, so I don't scratch it. This brand is worth the money, especially if you are a cooker and love being in the kitchen.