Cake Balls


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Cake Balls

Makes: 50 cake balls

Description: Cake bites that are perfect for any occasion. They can be made as pops or mini balls. They are quick and easy to make and everyone loves them.

1  box cake mix
1  container of frosting
1 bag  Wilton candy melts

Instructions: Bake cake according to directions. Let in cool in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Remove cake from pan and place in a mixing bowl, crumble cake.
Once cake has been crumbled add 3/4 of the frosting. Mix frosting and cake together until the mixture is sticky.
Scoop out a serving spoon size amount of mixture and roll into a ball. Place balls on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.Once all the balls are formed place in the freezer for 30 minutes.
Melt chocolate as directed on the package. Remove balls from the freeze and dip in chocolate melts until covered. Place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Candy coating will harden on its own. You can use sprinkles if desired.

Recent Comments

  • Author image By rainbowramenspeaker
    Aug 26, 2016   Edit

    omg,i love these their just as fun to eat as they are to bake.

  • Author image By dhelms1
    Apr 09, 2016   Edit

    You can't eat just one.

  • Author image By itzy2006
    Oct 08, 2012   Edit

    This look so good can't wait to try them

  • Author image By didama
    Apr 26, 2012   Edit

    These are delicious but be prepared! They are very sweet. You can't eat more than 1 at a time...even though you want to!

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