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  • waltzmom By  waltzmom    

    Lots of spam from this site

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  • avasmommee007 By  avasmommee007    

    I have been a member of Cafemom for a little over two years, and I love it! There are a variety of forums to choose from, everything from baby forums, to fashion, to siggie/tag forums, to chat forums--plus there are games (Latte Land and Baker Street are big ones), and fun widget games, and you can personalize your profile page, much like MySpace, with music, photos, a text box, etc--and you can make it private. I highly recommend it!!

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  • thereoncewasaprincess By  thereoncewasaprincess    

    I love this site! (it's actually where I heard about this one)

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  • Purplemommi By  Purplemommi    

    Cafemom is my home away from home. Although there tends to be drama on sone of the message boards it doesn't affect me in any way. I only comment on the posts without the drama and ignore any mom with a mission to start it. I go to cafemom with every one of my parenting concerns and triumphs. There are a lot of great mothers on the site and plenty of parenting experience. Cafemom has helped me through a lot of stressful times and I couldn't bear to live without it!

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  • Kristilee By  Kristilee    

    I have been a Cafemom member since I was pregnant with my 3 year old. It is like most social networking sites, as in you will go through phases with it. Sometimes you will be on there everyday, allday and other times you just get sick of it. lol. There are ALOT of helpful groups on there ranging from Autisim, Meal Planning, Breastfeeding and Coupon Swappers! It is a great site. I love it

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  • myangels0103 By  myangels0103    

    I have been a member of Cafemom for 4 years now. I am an admin in a few groups, and have met some very lovely ladies. There are groups for EVERYONE! And active members get some very cool Perks!

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