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This store is ok but the employees can be a bit pushy and it's hard to find clothes there that fit right

Hello, Yesterday I got an email with an offer - 50$ off the dresses. It was valid till midnight and I had time to order at 10pm. At this code was also displayed at the top. When I tried to order a dress it was saying this code is invalid. I think they have some problems with timezones. When I call them today they said they can't do anything about that. Very very disappointing. I could order only: # 100072791

This occurred in Burlington. I'm very disappointed. I ordered a dress, at $238, through one of the stores who told me that the dress would come in 7-10 business days or something like that. Three days later, the dress was discounted to $178, so I called asking if I could get that discount when the dress came, and the lady said yes. I called after 2 weeks passed, wondering why my dress hadn't arrived yet, and they said the order was "cancelled" by someone in cache. NOBODY notified me about this until I called. Then the lady at the store contacted the special orders department and found a dress which was shipped to her in the Burlington Mall. I went to pick up the dress there, and she asked me if I wanted to try it on before buying it. I tried it on, and noticed a huge stain on the butt. I pointed it out and the lady said "Yes I knew about that, it's nothing, we used Shout to get the stain out and it left that there but if you dry clean it, it should be fine". SHE KNEW ABOUT IT AND TRIED TO SELL IT TO ME AT FULL PRICE ANYWAYS. Then when I tried to buy it, I told her the online price was 178, but she didnt believe me and didn't know about the discounted price. But she was "generous" enough to give me a $50 dollar discount anyways (making it 188). On top of that, she gave me 10% off for dry cleaning because of the damage, which isn't so "generous" considering the damage. When I went home, I noticed that the website still had the discounted price. Then with this online price and the extra 10% damage control, the price would have been much less. ALSO I HAD TO PAY FOR DRY CLEANING which was $18, while the lady told me it would only be 8, and gave me a $12 discount. In addition, I had to go through all this trouble to fix the mistakes that cache made, driving around to many places and making many calls. I am very upset about this. The lady cheated me into buying a dirty dress for a very high price, and did not compensate for the mistakes that cache made.

I recently had a very bad experience with Customer Service at Cache. I ordered a blue dress on the phone on Friday, May 4. When I was sent the confirmation, I noticed it said a purple dress was on the way to me. I called customer service, but the only option was to leave a voicemail. I left a message about the error, so someone could stop the order before it shipped. On Monday, I received notice that the order had shipped. When I called Customer Service again, I spent about an hour on the phone trying to straighten the situation out and was told I would have to return the dress to be issued a refund. The customer service rep (her name sounded like Eve) offered nothing in the way of a credit or anything for the inconvenience. I work about 80 hours a week. I will now have to find the time to get to a post office to return a dress I did not order when customer service should have read the order back to me with color, size and everything. When I asked the representative if Cache was going to offer anything for the inconvenience, the rep just kept repeating the same thing over and over about returning the item for a refund. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the supervisor was not at her desk and was forwarded to a voicemail. Was placed on hold'twice?for about 30 minutes. When I did speak to a supervisor (Vicki,) she was pretty unfriendly, not helpful and acted as though what happened was somehow my fault. I've been a long time Cache customer, but I will never recommend this store again. Cache wants to market itself as an upscale clothing store, but its customer service people have no class whatsoever. Definitely don't shop online with them, it's a horrible experience, especially if you are a busy person.

Great store for unique, dressy clothes but I find it a little expensive. If they have a sale, it's a great time to stop in and try out something you normally wouldn't spend a ton of money on.

This store is a very upscale womens clothing store, however, it caught my attention a few years ago. I went in when they were having their 50% off Markdown Sale and I walked in and found several things I bought! The quality is great, sizing can vary but overall a great place to shop for unique clothing! You should definitely stop in and check out the Sale rack when they are having a sale, you might just be surprised what you walk out with! :)