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  • dieann63 By  dieann63    


    BUY ME HERE: WATCH MY VIDEO: ***My son is Autistic and when he was younger I always worried about him hiding or walking off... having this would have saved me many many worries and panic attacks. I am hoping that this video or blog helps someone with a child or adult who needs this tracker. This would be fantastic for someone with Alzheimer's! They wonder off? This will help you keep track of them. PEACE OF MIND FOR WHAT YOU NEED MOST: With real-time reporting, you can breathe easy knowing exactly where your children are, when it matters most. While keeping your kiddos safe is the first priority, you can also use your Circo GPS trackers to keep track of your pets, cell phones, car keys, and purses. It makes it easy to find all of your go-tos in a snap. EASY TO USE: To start using your tracker, simply install the free app on your phone and set yourself up a follower. (Don?t worry--it?ll walk you through it.) It works with your phone?s sim card to start protecting the people who matter most, right away, with a battery that lasts up to 6 days. Since multiple people can follow multiple trackers, your entire family can be kept in the know, no matter where they go. PINPOINT ACCURACY: Using its one-of-a-kind wifi positioning, you can expect an accuracy range of 10-15 meters right out of the box. You can expect to see improvements in the range within only 3 - 5 days of use, meaning you can start finding what matters most without waiting around for the technology to catch up. HANDY PANIC BUTTON: Whenever the button is activated, the system will send an SMS text message to the phone owner, as well as a text to the app. This way, you can provide immediate assistance to whoever?s carrying the lost device and return it to its rightful owner.


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