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  • princessmochi By  princessmochi    

    This is perfect for those girls on the go. Drying my hair now is super quick and easy thanks to this product! I have a kinky hair so this helps straiten my hair too, It cuts down time on using my flat iron. I also recommend this if you have a thin hair like me, this doesn't dry my hair and its very manageable.

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  • katiehathaway By  katiehathaway    

    perfect for all hair types, i have really thick hair and this helped me cut down on drying time!

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  • edbingham By  edbingham    

    My mother gave me this blow dryer last year for Christmas. I had used the general store brand name blow dryers my entire life. Having thick, curly, frizzy hair has never made blow drying my hair an enjoyable or healthy experience for me. This blow dryer is a miracle worker! The time it takes me to blow dry my hair has been cut by 75%. Seriously. Plus my hair is so much smoother which cuts down on the amount of flat ironing I have to do later on. I have experienced a noticable improvement in the health/ dryness of my hair since using for almost a year now. I would highly recommend making the investment and purchasing this product for your loved ones young and old or even spulrging for yourself!

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