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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    


    I love Mike & Molly and wish they were still making new episodes. It is funny and I love all of the characters on the show.

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    


    I love this show, love Melissa McCarthy, she's hilarious, actually, they are all pretty funny. There aren't any more original episodes but the reruns are still fun to watch

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  • Booney86 By  Booney86    

    This series is unstoppable

    This show made me laugh for hours my favorite comedy supurb top notch bravo if you like last man standing you'll enjoy this one

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  • Anastasiairina By  Anastasiairina    

    Good laughs!

    I love this TV show! I always look forward to watching it. It's so funny, clean humor, and I just love the characters!

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  • BigTimeCatMom86 By  BigTimeCatMom86    


    One of the funniest shows I've watched in years never gets old I'd recommend this to anyone who will listen two thumbs up bravo

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    TV show

    So funny never gets old love this product my favorite when it comes to comedy TV shows I would buy this again

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  • cdonae By  cdonae    

    great show. love the characters on this show. never a dull moment, always full of laughs.

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  • sisterpale By  sisterpale    

    Great show. I own every season on DVD. Watching it right now. Melissa McCarthy is such an inspiration to all women who battlevdaily with their weight. You go girl!!!

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  • Juliefuller11 By  Juliefuller11    

    I WANT to LOVE this!!! I really do! I adore Melissa and love everything she is in...usually. I can't really even put my finger on it but this show just doesn't do it for me. It's OK. But just OK. I canceled my recording settings for it...just isn't that great to me.

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  • writtenxpassion By  writtenxpassion    

    I love this show. It is so funny and the actors are good. Molly is my favorite..

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  • doglady6 By  doglady6    

    Love this show,watch this every night,love the humor,like the old shows.

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  • Softkitty86 By  Softkitty86    

    Love this show and I love Melissa McCarthy..she's the main reason I watch

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  • HappyMomma1 By  HappyMomma1    

    Such a cute show! I love Melissa McCarthy. She is super funny and always plays great in her roles.

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  • KARENMP31 By  KARENMP31    

    This show is fun. I think almost everyone could relate to someone in it. The characters are fascinating/funny and the actors playing them are amazing.

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  • JenniLynne71 By  JenniLynne71    

    Absolutely love this show!! It is hilarious and I can relate to them.

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