C. Booth Original Bath & Body Oil

C. Booth Original Bath & Body Oil

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I beg to differ. I love this product. I put it on after my shower while I'm still damp and it moisturizes fantastically! There is a smell associated with it, but it is not overpowering or offensive. In fact, when I've used it so many people have said what are you wearing - it has a fresh scent. Perhaps the above reviewer did get a bad bottle. In general, I love all the C. Booth products. They are natural, inexpensive but feel like top line products. Try one.

This stuff would be great if it didn't have a smell that I really don't enjoy. It's too bad too because I have purchased and love the smell of their Brazillian Nut Dry Oil Spray. Unfortunately you can't smell this in the store before you buy it because there's a plastic lid thing on it. The second I got home I took it off to try it and oh wow, it is not a plesant scene in here right now. I've been trying to scrub it off with tons of soap and I can still smell it. It's just as strong as when I first put it on. Pros: the oil is nice and feels nice and my skin is soft. Also there's a photo of a bunny with a cross on it so I assume they don't do mean things to bunnies, or you shouldn't use this on bunnies, I'm not sure. Cons: everytime I move my arm where I tested the oil the aroma wafts into my nostrils and makes me really sad that it's on my body. I can't imagine taking a bath in this. Just to try to describe what I'm smelling: It kind of smells like stale food. Maybe I'm just freaking out because I can't wash the smell off but I'm taking this right back to the store and I really wish I hadn't purchased it. Maybe I got a bad one? I dunno, has anyone else tried this and found the scent to be better?