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  • Jcardenn By  Jcardenn    

    Smells so good I wish I could eat it!😉

    I spend a lot of time withy hands in water, doing dishes, scrubbing counters ect... So dry skin and cracked dry and painful cuticles happen pretty often. My Burt's bees cuticle cream is a must have. I carry one in my purse where ever I go! It's moisturizing without being greasy and smells light and fresh! Most of all I know and can pronounce what goes into making this product so I feel good about using it!

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  • Virgpost By  Virgpost    

    Great and not greasy!!! Keeps my cuticles from cracking. Highly reccommmend

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  • chajo55 By  chajo55    


    I love this product it smells so good and its very mouisterizing for your cuticles it smells amazing!

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  • wmsv88 By  wmsv88    


    Love this! Smells great. A little bit goes a long way. Sometimes if i've put too much on it makes my fingers feel greasy, but that's okay. Extra hydrating for my fingers in general. I keep it by my computer at work since I do a lot of typing and can easily reapply. Love the light lemony scent as well!

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  • WholeBeautyBlog By  WholeBeautyBlog    

    This cuticle cream is very moisturizing and really does the job. I like the fresh, herbal lemon scent also. It is very thick so a little goes a long way. If I scoop out too much to use on my nails, I'll rub it all over my hands for a nice little hydration. The only downside is that sometimes it is very hard to get the cap off the tin. It is so small that it is hard to get a grip on, and the lid can easily get stuck. If I don't put the lid back on completely (pressing it down as far as it will go), it makes it easier when trying to open it. Great product!

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  • AbbyP1997 By  AbbyP1997    

    Worth the $. It smells good and its natural. Burt's has tons of great products for skin and personal care. Makes your nail beds soft and works fast. I never have to worry about hang nails with this stuff in the house. I paint my nails often and so there's pretty extensive damage done to my cuticles this fixes the problem.

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  • Resq-Mom By  Resq-Mom    

    I love all the berts bees products. This one smells sooooo good!

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  • lindahusker By  lindahusker    

    I keep this at my desk at work, so I can use it through out the day. It is super moisturizing, and I really like the lemon scent!

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  • Rhunter41 By  Rhunter41    

    I love all things Burts Bee's. I especially love this. Not only does it work well, it smells so good.

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  • markiec By  markiec    

    This product feels wonderful on your hands and really does work on cuticles. would highly recommend it.

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  • KFeatherable By  KFeatherable    

    I use this product about 3 times a day. I also use it after pushing back my cuticles, and after a manicure. I enjoy the smell of the cuticle cream, and it feel good on my skin.

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  • amandaakaaj By  amandaakaaj    

    Love this product! Iv had mine for a few years it's lasted forever. A little goes a long way! and it smells so good! A must buy!

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  • Jrahman0716 By  Jrahman0716    

    I love this product. It really gets the job done and smells great too! The brand is awesome, but a little expensive. I do know whenever I buy one of their products I am getting good quality materials. I have about three of these that I keep around the house because they are so great!

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  • amandad53 By  amandad53    

    I love this cuticle cream! It smells amazing and makes my nails look and feel great.

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  • Ginasblog By  Ginasblog    

    Burt's Bees is one of my favorite brands. Their cuticle cream is one if my favorite items. I always carry it with me and love the lemony scent! Keeps your cuticles and nails nourished and reduces brittleness.

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