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  • thebanditpolina By  thebanditpolina    

    Let me start by saying, my two favorite scents on this earth are cranberry and pomegranate. So, naturally, upon seeing this product I just HAD to buy it(despite the fact that is was $12.99). Imagine my disappointment as I'm standing in the shower, open the lid, only to smell...cooking oil? While there was a sort of candy like smell(which wasn't even remotely close to cranberry or pomegranate), it was completely overpowered by the smell of oil. Not only that, but when I scooped out some of the product, oil was literally dripping from the sugar. Well, I thought, it just must be very hydrating with all this oil. I lathered it on, and it DID do a great job of exfoliating my skin. The problem was, while my skin did feel soft, it left quite a bit of residue even after I rinsed and toweled off. Now, some people may like this, but I was not a fan. However, the absolute worst was the ten minutes I spent cleaning my shower of all the oil, sugar, and seed residue. I can see why some people gush over this product, as it does get the job done. Unfortunately for me, there are too many products out there that exfoliate, smell good, leave no residue, and leave no mess in my shower. For that reason, I will not be buying this product again.


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