Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop

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expensive but the concept is super cute and fun!!! my best friend and I went in and made one for my son when I was pregnant, lots of fun ideas and cute clothes!!

Great place for the family expecially little ones! Build a bear is a fun place to go with the littles! And even us parents! Though it can be pricey if you are on a budget, they do have some items that are in a cheaper price range! It's joyful to see your kids enjoy themselves making their own stuffed animal and being creative! Naming and grooming them along with dressing them! Again the only issue I have is the prices! Other than that I would highly recommend build a bear as a fun family place to go expecially for the littles!

Love it I've never had an issue with staff, the kids love it, it's a bit pricey, but the quality of the stuffed animals is worth it. We don't always get outfits but they do make great Christmas or birthday gifts for those who have a build a bear. I always enjoy going into Build- A-Bear with my family.

Love Love them, they last TONS of options hate the price gets spendy

Build a bear My daughter and niece absolutely love build a bear workshop. They have been there quite a few times and adore each and every one of their special creations and I love seeing them have so much fun

Put a little heart in it My kids love this store being able to make and create there bears and or other animals putting hearts or actual beating hearts to dressing and naming you animal you choose

My son absolutely loves this place! He made Chace from Paw Patrol and it's his favorite.

My kids LOVED Build a Bear! We have several animals that they have made over the years. This is a great gift card for a gift for any child. It is a fun experience to create your own stuffed animal with a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. My kids had so much fun with these at home too! It was a friend they could play with indefinitely.

This store is just the best thing! My son loved every moment being in this store and being able to make his stormfly dragon. It just has the cutest concept of being able to do hands on things. From choosing what stuffed animal you want, then the sound it can make, if you want it to have a smell, and the saying before you put the heart in. And not to mention you can give it a shower in the little shower section. And a great variety of clothes for them. It is just awesome.

Great concept, but outrageously expensive! I love this place for little parties and creating a memorable stuffed animal, but the prices are ridiculous for a stuffed animal. To think that you pay less for an already assembled animal and now you are creating it and being charged 4 times the amount. The outfits are darling and the variety of animals are a plus.

Love Build a Bear but it's just so pricy that it can only be a special occasion. The animals are really great quality though and so many accessories to choose from... but then that means you spend a fortune on a stuffed animal.

Build a Bear allows my children to pick, stuff, and dress their best friend. I love this store. Only downside is prices are a bit high, but I would pay anything to see my babies smile.

I love build a bear. Everytime I've gone with my kids the staff is so nice and helpful. My kids love it and the quality of the stuffed animals I think are very good. The quality of the accessories are also very good. I think it's worth investing in at least one for ever kid to experience it. I would have loved it as a kid.

Wonderful place to take the kids but can be pricey

This is a totally cute idea and great for letting your child create their own "perfect" friend. I love how many options they have to dress them up and that there are constantly new friends to be made. The only draw back is how much it cost. If everything was cheaper I would totally rate it five starts.