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  • Jacktorse55 By  Jacktorse55    

    good choice

    durable and light. they are great. i bought one for our first child and used it for all three. it lasted through all kinds of wear and tear.

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  • radwaa By  radwaa    


    Honestly when j bought this the legs were already halfway broken thank god we tested before.

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  • Sollia By  Sollia    

    This product looks like comfortable and practical.

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  • chrissylee78 By  chrissylee78    

    Works great for my child. Very versatile and easy to use. Love the convenience of an all in 1 system

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  • thisnthat By  thisnthat    

    Wheres the space

    I liked the fact that it can be a stroller then a basinet but i did find there was barley any storage!

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  • Ritac42 By  Ritac42    

    Lacks space

    It's an ok stroller but it lacks the space needed for things. It could also have more color choices as well. Over all it does push smooth.

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  • kmcfarla21 By  kmcfarla21    

    Need Space

    This item looks great at first glance but, you are not given room for placing your diaper bag. I have things and I am expecting another child in the summer of this year so I need space. I only gave two stars because storage is everything second to only safety

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  • Seashellz94 By  Seashellz94    

    Great product

    I love this! Sturdy and comfortable , durable and built to last

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  • TaySpeaks By  TaySpeaks    


    Very durable, easy to store and it feels comfortable for the baby

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  • Markoskiottos By  Markoskiottos    

    Perfect must to buy it . . . M a l a k e s. . .

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  • kdamico426 By  kdamico426    

    i had it when my son was born and i loved it. it was alot of money but it was well worth it

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  • Motherlove1234 By  Motherlove1234    

    Great job

    Very convenient but the material stains real east

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  • JessicaP71 By  JessicaP71    

    Nice versatile color, looks like a nice stroller with nice options.

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  • camnjenhen By  camnjenhen    

    My favorite stroller

    This stroller is like the Volvo of strollers. Very easy to use, very easy to load and unload in my car. Also very stylish which is important to me. I will be giving this to my sister when I no longer need it. Still looks great after daily use.

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  • Tydasmommy By  Tydasmommy    

    My favorite stroller

    I love this product my son has been in the 90% percentile since I was pregnant. This stroller has the right amount of space so that he won't vroa put of it fast. And it's easy to put up also.

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