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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    I played this in college with friends. Buffalo Games Imaginiff is fun for friends and family to get to know each other and brings up interesting conversations. Image if (player) were an animal, what animal would they be?

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  • Spiggarino By  Spiggarino    

    A disappointing evening

    I once wondered if this game tastes like buffalo wings. I don't like playing board game,s I think they're for idiots, but I purchased this game because I wanted to lick it and see if it tasted like the wings of a buffalo chicken. It did not. It tasted like paper. I was disappointed, but that's not the game's fault. It was the fault of my high expectations

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  • ajsterz By  ajsterz    

    Anyone can play this game and it is super easy. You and the other players will answer questions about each other like If X was a car part, which car part would she be? Or, if X was a food, which food would he be? Whichever players have the majority vote on the answers, wins! You will have fun with family and friends with this game.

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  • JubileeReviews By  JubileeReviews    

    We laugh like crazy in this game. It is easier to play with people you know, but add in a few that you don't and it does increase the laughs and challenges. This will be a game in our stash for years and years to come. High quality, fun for all ages.

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  • jessiejoy1987 By  jessiejoy1987    

    This is the game that makes it personal. Vote about your close friends and family members and watch them squirm, as you decide what their spirit animal is or how they would react to a windfall. Then the tables are turned as your name is next on the list. Sure to keep the party going.

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  • Sunnysnowflake By  Sunnysnowflake    

    Another game I really love is Imaginiff. I stumbled upon this game and glad I did. Its really fun. The only problem with this game is that you really need to know the subjects you are talking about. You pick a card and then everyone answers what they think would apply. And you try to match the one reading the card. Its really easy and a lot of fun. Great for families.

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  • Trixster1012 By  Trixster1012    

    Great for game night, anytime. Adults love it!

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  • SeriouslyHandmade By  SeriouslyHandmade    

    cute game... can be very funny and can also be played with kids... good times had when playing this!

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  • o2snowwhite By  o2snowwhite    

    I love this game! It's fun, doesn't really have dirty questions, and is easy to play!

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  • aMuffin By  aMuffin    

    This game is really fun! It's a lot easier and more fun if you play with people that you know very well (like family and close friends) because it's sometimes hard to pick for people you don't know well. It's a good game for teenagers/adults!

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  • Nikkijo44 By  Nikkijo44    

    easy game for family and friends. The best way i can explain it is you have a couple players and one person chooses another player to "pick on" when the card is drawn it will read IMAGINIFF ( blank) WAS A CANDY BAR. WHAT WOULD HE/SHE BE. then it would give you 6 options. you would fill in the blank with the "picked on" players name and then figure out which of the 6 options fit the player. Majority wins. It sounds really confusing because its hard to explain but its very fun and everyone should play this

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