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  • Abbeyrosewest By  Abbeyrosewest    


    Oh heck yes. Maple is the bomb diggity. Favorite and most fattening yogurt ever. Perfect with granola

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  • RavenZafira By  RavenZafira    

    Indulgent creamy top! Very good and rich yogurt. The maple flavor is my favorite. Makes for a great quick snack or dessert.

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  • beevet By  beevet    

    loved thisa when we tried it, but it's hard to find in our part of ohio

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  • WeiserAcademy By  WeiserAcademy    

    Absolute favorite in our house. We love the Maple, Vanilla, and the Plain varieties. I used to own a healthy food store and bought these in cases for our customers. I could order 10 cases and could not keep it stocked. It disappeared so quickly. It is a rich, thick, delicious yogurt and the cream rises to the top.

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  • jjsurvey52 By  jjsurvey52    

    I just bought this the other day to try something new. I'm pretty bored with Yoplait and Dannon yogurts. It is all natural and completely delicious! It is rich in flavor. The consistency is not as stiff as the other yogurts I've had, it's almost liquid like. If you're looking for something without all the artificial ingredients I would check this out.

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