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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    


    Love the smell long lasting pretty bottle nice packaging of the product would buy this again

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  • ReviewsByKay By  ReviewsByKay    

    This is definitely every teenagers dream perfume. A very sweet and strong perfume. High notes of cotton candy which goes hand in hand with the circus theme. A very long lasting scent.

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  • ajwatkins78 By  ajwatkins78    

    I love sweet smells that are light and this perfume is exactly that! It comes in a pretty bottle as well!

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  • KeraLee123 By  KeraLee123    

    I love this Britney Spears perfume. However., It almost smells too sweet.

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  • katiecourtney By  katiecourtney    

    Super young scent, heavy on the vanilla-gingerbread type of smell. Smells sweet and guys do like it , but its just not a very mature scent

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  • marienate By  marienate    

    One of my many favorite perfumes, not too strong but soft enough of a scent that lasts all day and smells so good! It's worth the price, even if it's expensive and a little goes a long with this perfume smells amazing! My mom bought it first and she loved and recommend it to me. and i really like the smell and thankfully my boyfriedn bought me one bottle for my birthday!and i using it everyday!

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    I've never used but I heard it smells great

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  • johnsonme25 By  johnsonme25    

    This is my favorite perfume. I just purchased a gift set with a 1oz bottle and a roll on with gloss for $20.00 It smells really great and lasts forever. You can smell it on a non laundered shirt for weeks. Definitely worth the money. I would recommend!

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  • dalily By  dalily    

    Smells great! Would totally recommend

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  • shemica By  shemica    

    My favorite perfume to wear...smells girly and it last all day.

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  • Liz032063 By  Liz032063    

    This perfume smells fabulous

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  • Steelersgirl By  Steelersgirl    

    I love this perfume it is one of my favorites. Smells awesome!

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  • pran11 By  pran11    

    I love this perfume...its smells good

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  • Hunneybee88 By  Hunneybee88    

    I am a HUGE fan of this perfume. It is one of my top five favorites. I like sweet candy smelling lip gloss and that's what this smells like!!!

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  • gatewo11 By  gatewo11    

    I actually like some of Britney's other perfumes but this one just smells like straight-up cotton candy and nothing else to me. I have zero desire to smell like food. On the plus side if you do like that smell the stuff lasts for hours.

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