Britax  Blink Lightweight Stroller

Britax Blink Lightweight Stroller

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LOVE our Britax Blink! durable, light-weight, easy/fast to set up/take down...

DD's last stroller was a light weight stroller. While it worked well enough, it did not have the large canopy that the Britax stroller has. The Britax stroller canopy is enough to block the sun out of DD's eyes and face. With summer just around the corner, I am very glad that we will be prepared when it comes protecting DD's sensitive skin. The back of the canopy has a large zipper pocket for things like your car key, cell phone and wallet. I also like the peek a boo window on the canopy. DD loves it too because she says that it's like a moon roof on a car, lol. Although the Britax stroller is slightly heavier than the last stroller DD had, I found it to be much more sturdy. Once the stroller is unfolded and pushed around, I could really tell the differences between her new stroller and the old stroller. The Britax stroller is definitely better in quality. I really like the break system on the Britax stroller we received. I like that when you push down on break on either side of the back wheels, the whole stroller is locked. With DD's old stroller, the back wheels came with 2 separate locking devices, so you would actually need to put the breaks on both wheels. I love the way you can release and fold down the Britax stroller. I know this might sound weird, but I have had problems with the release system on most of the strollers we owned. Typically, to fold and store a stroller, you either have to use the top of your foot to push up a lever to release the stroller and then you fold it down; or on strollers with very poorly designed mechanisms, you need to kneel down or bend down and use your hand to release the stroller and fold it forward. Since I have a bad back, kneeling down or bending down to fold my stroller is not appealing to me at all. With the Britax stroller, there is a carry strap hooked onto the releasing mechanism. To release the stroller, all I have to do is pull the strap upwards and then use my foot to push down on a lever to release the secondary locking system and the stroller can be folded down. I know it mights sound more complicated, but trust me when I say it is actually easier and safer too. (Safer because there is no danger of the stroller folding down on your child with the 2-part releasing mechanism). As I have mentioned earlier, there is a carrying strap hooked on to the leasing mechanism. Besides using it to release the stroller, you can also, of course, use it as a carry strap. The Britax Blink Stroller folds down to a compact size and you can carry the stroller using the carrying strap. While most people would find this perfect for traveling (at airports, on trains or subways), I love it for when we visit Disneyland. We always park in the parking structure and have to take the tram to get to Disneyland park entrance. I love being able to fold up the stroller and carry it over my shoulder when we need to get on the tram. Of course, we are also looking forward to using this stroller when we go on our summer vacation. The stroller came with a nice storage/transportation bag, so we will be using it for sure. Although the Britax stroller folds down to a compact size, don't let this fool you. The stroller holds DD, who is 43 inches tall with plenty of room to spare on the top -- between her head and the canopy. The stroller holds up to 55 lbs which means DD can actually use this stroller for at least another year or two. A child must be 6 months or older to use this stroller, but once your child is old enough to use it, you can use this stroller for many years. Another feature I think is great about this compact stroller is the storage basket. I owned and tried many compact strollers before and most of them have little to no storage space. As a matter of fact, with DD's last compact stroller, every time I wanted to put something away in the storage basket or get something out, I had ask DD to get off her stroller so I can access the basket. It was such a pain that I basically stopped using it completely. With the Britax Blink stroller, I am able to access the basket and there is plenty of storage space. Last but not least, the stroller has layback recline with adjustable leg rest. So DD is now able to sleep in her stroller if she gets tired. How cool is that? I never thought that we would be able to find a stroller with a feature like this for a child as tall as DD. We have been using this stroller for a month now and we LOVE it!