Brent Runyon  The Burn Journals

Brent Runyon The Burn Journals

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One of my favorites! I would definitely read again

I liked the book, I did. But. I found it hard to emotionally connect with. As a trauma survivor, I wanted something that expressed how psychologically demanding recovery can be and how the author got over it (I wanted a happy ending). What I found however, was a different story. I will say I'm glad I read the afterward, though, because Runyon himself says that basically, recovery didn't necessarily happen. I can relate to that. But he doesn't give us an answer into exactly what he was thinking--which I believe to be one of the best things for YA to read. The writing style is that stream of consciousness but at times, it feels like the author maybe didn't want to write exactly what he was thinking? For fear of being hailed as crazy, or scared to give others the same ideas, or maybe just not knowing exactly what he was feeling...I don't know. Either way, I think it's a good book for teenagers to read. I was extremely depressed when I first went to high school and I never had an exact reason as to why. Most books centered toward YA seem to have a specific reason. This one doesn't, and I think it made it easier to relate to. If you're expecting a "happy ending" though, this one may not be exactly what you're thinking or wishing for