Breast Milk Baby: Natural or Not Just Yet?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 04.05.11
Breast Milk Baby:  Natural or Not Just Yet?
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Our kids diaper them, cuddle them, walk them around in mini-strollers; but how much more should a baby doll teach our children about parenthood?  This is the question a lot of parents are asking since the Breast Milk Baby doll from Berjuan Toys hit the market in Spain.  Children are able to pretend they are breast-feeding the doll by holding the doll to their chest while wearing a vest equipped with sensors that trigger the toy to make suckling noises and motions.  

Some parents have expressed outrage that this toy is on the market and will be available in U.S. stores in just a few weeks for the retail price of $99.  They feel a toy that teaches a child how to breast feed is inappropriate and forces kids to grow up too fast.  Mother of two, Becky Orsinger, was recently quoted in a CBS news report stating why she believes this is not a toy she feels would be appropriate for her daughter to play with.  Orsinger says, "I don’t think it’s a skill I need to teach her specifically at this point wih a doll.  While she’s four years old?  While she’s four years old."

Both the toy company and other proponents of the Breast Milk Baby doll think the doll is a great educational tool that allows kids to mimic a very natural mother-baby experience.  Mother and member of the well-known breast feeding advocacy group La Leche, Laura Korot, tells CBS that she could have used this doll when she had her second daughter and felt that her first child was feeling left out.  Korot explains, "If she could have had a doll similar to that, it could have helped her feel a little more involved in the feeding process."

So what do you think of the Breast Milk Baby doll?

Would you consider buying something like this for your child?

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  • folowurhart By folowurhart

    I am one of nine children. My mother breast fed us all and she wasn't embarrassed to do it in front of us. When I was little I remember I would breast feed my dolls because I loved them like they were real. I now have a beautiful daughter who is breastfed. I don't think that it is a bad idea. It's not a dirty thing that some try to make it out to be. A lot of people get so tight in the ass about the natural way that we are supposed to be nourished and it's a real shame. It's a true reflection of how backward society has become. BUT...... Why does this doll cost so much? Honestly I can just put some flower stickers on a training bra and gt a burping doll for about $20.

  • mlhart2 By mlhart2

    This is inappropiate for young children. While breast feeding is important it is something you learn about when you are planning to have children. Young girls and boys should be focusing on age appropriate play, not on adult activities - what's next dolls to let them pretend they are conceiving a baby????

  • DealsFromMSDo By DealsFromMSDo

    I've seen so many little girls "breastfeed" their baby dolls that I was surprised they actually created a special doll for it. I did see a news special on TV (Good Morning America I think) and this doll came from European country where it's been a hit for several years. This isn't surprising considering breastfeeding isn't considered taboo as it too often seems to be here in the US. It's sad that so many women here still seem so uncomfortable with the whole topic of breastfeeding - whether it's a real baby or a baby doll.

  • jennifergriola By jennifergriola

    I love it. It always sort of bothered me that dolls came with bottles. Especially when so many women choose not to even have bottles in their home. What really did it for me was when my daughter asked me if she could give her newborn cousin a bottle, I was appalled that she had been socialized through dolls to believe that a newborn would be bottle fed (when in reality over 70% of newborn are breastfed). I want my daughters to expect to breastfeed, for them to see it as the norm & dolls that come with bottles, imho, discourage that norm and attempt to make bottle feeding the norm. That said, to each her own. I have had plenty of friends and family members who chose to formula-feed & I myself formula-fed my oldest when she was 6 months old. I can completely understand. I just see it the same issue as play food: I throw away the donuts and soda and that come with the play food--I don't want to normalize that as appropriate eating for my children.

  • adj333 By adj333

    I dont have children but I will tell you if I did that thing would not be in my house! I am all for breastfeeding but that is taking it way to far.

  • momofsbj By momofsbj

    I think it is to each his own. If you want it buy it. If you don't leave it. I bet once it becomes the "in toy to have " you will be buying it to!

  • stellastar23 By stellastar23

    I really don't see the big problem with the doll. If you feel it's not appropriate you can always not but the doll.

  • anbiza By anbiza

    I am trying to understand why people say this doll interferes with kids being kids and forces them to grow up too quickly. Would the people who say this also agree that giving a little girl a bottle to feed to her baby doll does the same thing? I wouldn't spend $99 on this doll because I agree with others who say it isn't necessary, but I completely do not get why anyone would be offended or have a problem with the doll.

  • xtremejunk By xtremejunk

    Breast feeding is completely natural.I breast fed all 3 of my children but this doll is disgusting.I have a 6 year old little girl and I would never buy this for her. Breast feeding is for real mommys not pretend play.And for all those who say just don't buy it...well I wont but she will still see the commercials no matter how I try to monitior the television and she will still hear about it from friends and see it in stores.This forces parents to have to answer questions that their little ones do not need to know yet and certainly not at 6 years old!

  • ljgl16 By ljgl16

    children mimic what they see, if their mom is nursing, they pretend to do so as well, without a special doll. Nursing is as natural as can be, no chemicals or additives just breast milk. It's kind of scary that people find nursing to be so strange. Buying the doll is a choice, hardly the reason your teenager will become pregnant. Why aren't you more excited about the things that actually negatively impact our children?

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