Breaking Up Made Easier?

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Breaking Up Made Easier?

It’s great to have girlfriends around to help cheer you up when you’re trying to get over a bad breakup, but it can also be empowering to take matters into your own hands when you’re trying to move on.  This is the idea behind ex-TV news reporter Ellie Scarborough’s new website

A recent report from the New York Daily News spotlights Scarborough and her new site designed to get women on the road to recovery after suffering a breakup. offers a number of services women can utilize as a sort of pick-me-up, like sending themselves flowers or chocolates, organizing a spa day, having motivational text messages sent to their phone, and much more.  

One of the site’s more unique and popular services they offer is called “Kiss Him Goodbye” where a user can upload a photograph of their old boyfriend and watch it digitally burn.

Scarborough talks about how she came up with the idea for the site while dealing with a bad breakup of her own.  She says, “I’d be fantasizing about my ex sending me a huge bouquet of flowers begging me to come back.  Then one day I thought, ?You know what?  This isn’t going to happen.  I shouldn’t be sitting around here waiting for this guy!’”  

She then called a local florist and sent herself a bouquet of flowers with the note, “Girl, don’t even shed a tear over a boy who won’t send you these.”

What do you think of the site

What do you do to help move on after a breakup?

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  • zenfulwoman By zenfulwoman

    I am interested in checking it out. Thanks for the site

  • jbkb1997 By jbkb1997

    I've received flowers before - what a great "pick me up"..but havent for a while. Never though about doing this! I will definitely go on site and do it!

  • moldyoranges By moldyoranges
    05.02.11 sounds awesome! I don't know why I never thought about sending flowers to myself after a break up to make me feel better! I never got flowers, I don't have to get flowers from someone, I can just treat myself. Break ups are always hard! I always look to the positive to lift me up to let me know, I know I can get someone amazing...and I found that guy!! :)

  • GerdaT By GerdaT
    05.01.11 sounds like an amazing website a website that inspires women to lead themselves and live life the way they want to we don't need a man to tell us how to live or what to do. After a brake-up i read inspirational books and remind myself how I can love myself and my kids more than he could ever love them if thats the way he treated me!

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