By Bryelee  Nov 12, 2011

Is there anyone out there with school aged children that have trouble getting them to eat breakfast before school? None of mine will eat for me, especially my middle daughter, she is 9 and has Autism. She will eat breakfast at school and I have no problem with paying for it if she will eat it.

The last few weeks she has been asking me to pick her up from school.  I told her no and began to explain why school is important. Of course she didn't care to hear any of this and began yelling that she wasn't going to school.  So I started asking questions trying to figure out what the problem was and I finally got it; she is hungry during the day. So I asked her, "Aren't you eating breakfast"? She said that they rush her to finish to get to her classroom.

If any of you have any experience with a child who has Autism you know that rushing them can cause a major meltdown. The problem is her bus gets her to school at almost 9:00 and they have till 9:15 to get to the classroom. I should add that the other kids get to school around 8:50, when she is being picked up. So I asked her teacher if they can provide a place where she can have a few more min to eat because I don't think she should be punished because the bus gets her there late. 

Also she is REALLY skinny so I am concerned that she eats and isn't hungry at school. We all know if a child is hungry they aren't learning. Her teacher said they don't want to take away time she should be learning. I get it, really I do but how hard is it to give her time to eat? I am just asking for the same time the other kids get. 

What I started doing is when we drive my oldest to her bus stop I allow my middle duaghter to bring a bag of chips or pretzels, whatever she will eat that day is fine with me. Honestly she is so skinny I don't worry so much about what she eats, I just don't want her to be hungry during the day. I did email her teacher asking her to give her some time to eat int the morning and I think that is helping a little. So what do you do to get your kids to eat in the morning?

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kat1978 by kat1978 | Hanover, VA
Nov 21, 2011

What time do you have dinner at night? Have you tried moving that up at all?

Bryelee by Bryelee | Dover, DE
Nov 19, 2011

They do get up early, and that doesn't help they just don't eat breakfast.

kat1978 by kat1978 | Hanover, VA
Nov 17, 2011

Honestly, I cannot speak much on a child with autism but I am a Registered Nurse and a mother of nine, ages 18mos to 15 yrs. My best bet would be to agree with jenniferr8240, and try to get them up earlier. I, too, have a couple like that (and myself). Mine need to have some activity in the morning before they can eat. What if you tried getting them up abt an hour and a half earlier, moving their showers to the morning, and getting a firm start into the day before getting off to school? My guess would be that if the morning went a little slower, they would be eager to eat before school.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Nov 15, 2011

Have you spoken with the school nurse? They are usually very supportive of these situations. I've left healthy snacks and goodies in the health center and allowed to go there at any point in the day.

jenniferr8240 by jenniferr8240 | hamilton, NJ
Nov 12, 2011

Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I can only suggest that if your kid gets up earlier maybe then she will want to eat before she leaves for school. This is how my kids are. If they just woke up they tell me that they cannot eat right away. They need about an hour to an hour and a half of being up and about to then be able to eat their breakfast. Hope this helps...