Braun Electric Kettle

Braun Electric Kettle

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I use it every day 4_5 times a day .it s useful and necessary.

I don't think I could live without my electric kettle. We make coffee in a french press so we use it everyday. Works fast and isn't loud.

The water boils so fast. I love my electric kettle.

I love my electric kettle. I used to use the traditional one for the stovetop but (1) took too long to heat and (2) it would whistle and I had to run to shut it off so it would stop. The electric kettle is super fast and shuts off automatically. I also use it when I need to add boiled water for food (e.g., cous cous or pasta). It is always ready to go and the stainless steel looks great on my kitchen counter. I highly recommend it!!