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  • laurenjw By  laurenjw    

    Parks? debut novel stars Carter Ross, a preppy investigative journalist with a propensity for pleated pants. When four people are found shot execution style in a Newark, New Jersey alleyway, Ross pursues the story. The cops pursue the easy option, but not Ross. In this enjoyable read, Ross is surrounded by a collection of fabulous characters. There?s the paper?s intern, Tommy Hernandez, a gay Cuban man hiding his sexual orientation from his parents. Tina Thompson, the City Editor is a hot cougar with a ticking biological clock. Ross is able to locate the best friend of one of the victims, Tynesha, a stripper/whore with a taste for foreign cuisine. Together, they tour the underside of Newark trying to solve the mystery. The only drawback to the book is that the mystery plays second fiddle to Parks? top notch characters. The villain is somewhat predictable by the midpoint of the the book. Don?t let that stop you from spending a couple of quality hours with these highly entertaining people.


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