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Bounty Napkins

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The perfect everyday napkin. Bounty napkins are a staple in our home. From the very first time I purchased them, I have never bought another brand. They check all of the boxes for everything you need in an everyday napkin. They are thick, soft, and priced just right.

It's like the perfect napkin. No, not the cheapest, but it's not a ton of money here, and the quality is really worth it.

Great quality! Great quality! Soaks up the mess quick! Doesn't take a lot to do the job.

Bounty Bounty was the only brand my grandma would ever use. It truly does absorb more than any other brand I've seen just like the commercial says. I usually buy it as well. Its just a great name you can depend and trust. That's been around for as long as I can remember.

Recommend! Napkins work very well to clean up all of my husbands mess. Sometimes they tend to be too thin for some messes but I'd recommend over any other brand!

The only brand to buy The only paper napkin to buy. I will pay the extra price for this brand. The napkin holds together and is very absorbent.

bounty best napkin usually i get it i dont like any brand else when it comes on sale i get more and storge it

Good napkin, but if your hands are very sticky the napkin sticks and your end up with little bits of the paper all over your hands.

Very durable napkins. Perfect for dinner, and look nice too for guests.

Great napkins . They are think and durable and ready for any mess you may incounter. They are just the right size for meals and cleanups.

They are a bit pricey but they do clean up better than any other napkin out there. I love how durable they are.

These are not as cheap as some of the other napkins out there, but they are very durable. You get what you pay for with this product, for sure. It takes us forever to go through them because they work so well. I also keep some in the car for those "drink" accidents that happens on occasion in our car.

My napkin GO TO brand is Bounty. These clean up the messy hands and face (and table spills) with one napkin. I run a home daycare so I use a lot of napkins and this brand is the only brand I will trust and buy.

Bounty is the only brand of napkins and paper towels we will buy. There is no comparison.

These napkins are stronger than most other napkins. They are more durable and don't tear as easily when wet.