Bounce Dryer Bar

Bounce Dryer Bar

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work somewhat.... It worked until it was half gone then it stop working. Then it left the glue in the dryer that I still can not get off the side of my drum. I wish it would keep working all the time.

Doesn't stick long in dryer I like this makes your clothes smell good but doesn't stick very long in dryer

I really liked this bar. True the smell didn't last the entire bar, however it did work for static. I never had a problem with it falling out if the clip. Unfortunately Wal-Mart stopped selling them where I am at do back to dryer sheets I go. :(

Ur clothes come out smelling great n real soft I use it often n the bars last along time

Is it or isn't I have the bounce bar and it only smells good in the beginning . Once it gets to the halfway Stage it really doesn't smell anymore! The smell at that time doesn't stay in your clothes for that long.

Just plain doesn't work for me. It leaves a waxy residue that I don't get with Downy, and then the sticky mess from the bar is impossible to remove! And since I occassionally need to dry things without "fabric softener," it was a real pain to have to hang them. I was so hopeful, but it was a definite thumbs down for me.

Not get impressed with this. It doesn't soften very well at all. I won't use again.

It fell off the first time I used it and left a residue on my clothes.

I absolutely love this product. Too bad they do not sell in the Target near me. These bars lasted for months at a time for me (much longer than the 60 day claim). I usually wash 4 loads a week if that helps). I just used the last one I had purchased well over a year ago (I think I had purchased a total of three). I would definitely recommend if you can find in your area.

The Bar is great but looses its scent too soon. It lasts for about 8 loads.

Whoever came up with this idea is GENIUS! I'm always forgetting to put the dryer sheet in dryer but this product not on the makes it simpler but it last longer and smells so good

Your cloths will come out smelling fresh. Not to mention they feel softer. It was easy to apply and you never noticed it was there. It's worth the investment.

Clothes smell good for a short period then lose scent. Bar falls out and breaks easy. Not worth hearing the broken bar tumble around the dryer.

I got this and it did not stick in the dryer and it lefties a wax flim inside the drum and I also had a allergic reaction to it

I was really hoping this product would "lighten my load" and was frusterated to find that after a couple cycles it came out of it's holder which required contantly putting it back in for the next load, kind of a sticky experience. The smell didn't stay strong for long, and the bar eventually broke. The traditional sheets are just easier.