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  • theroxannanicole928 By  theroxannanicole928    

    Fastest solution for diaper rash!

    Gets diaper rash under control and gone faster than any other products I've tried including Desitin.

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  • Yogababe58 By  Yogababe58    

    Two generations butt paste it up

    I used on my kids and loved it very much. Now my son uses it on his. This stuff is great.

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  • overtimegrind7 By  overtimegrind7    

    Buttpaste has been my go-to for decades. Just rub a little around the rim and you are good to go! *my name is Calvin Marshall aka overtimegrind7 and I approve of this message. 81.34383.637

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  • alyssa_c_123 By  alyssa_c_123    

    We got this as a gift at our baby shower, and I was less than impressed with the effectiveness of it. Neither of my babies ever had horrible diaper rash issues. We always treated as soon as they got pink. I noticed when applying this that things never got better, and the rashes continued. I now only use diaper cream with zinc and it clears them up in no time at all. Cannot recommend this product, although I know many others swear by it.

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    The best rash cream (for adults too)

    My doctor's office had free samples of these when I went to an appointment for my son. I grabbed one to try it out and see how good it is because I heard about it before from other people. When I was pregnant I even put it on my registry but no one bought it. I recently tried it and I really like it. It smells a little weird but one of those weird smells you need to keep smelling. I am not sure about how much this product is but if its under $20 for a 10 oz jar I would buy. You don't need to cake this stuff on too much so it will last long. This product is very thick and since I been using it I haven't needed to use too much because my kids haven't had many rashes since starting this.

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  • Kkennedy102117 By  Kkennedy102117    

    LOVE IT!

    I have used this product since my first daughter was a baby and I will never use any other! My oldest and middle child had extremely bad diaper rash when transitioning to milk and Boudreaux's helped clear it up within one or two uses! Love and highly recommend!

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  • TaySpeaks By  TaySpeaks    

    What's the fuss

    The BEST over the counter thing to use together rid of a bad rash fast . Being a mother of 4 this has always been a go to. Soothing and easy to apply. Can make a mess but it's well worth it

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  • mmells By  mmells    

    More natural

    A great more natural alternative to other heavy creams. I always have this on hand in case my son starts getting a diaper rash

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  • sammie01 By  sammie01    

    I love this stuff and I think it works great!!! its smooth to put on! I only had to put on once and it would heal my son rash right up!

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  • ashley1988 By  ashley1988    

    i love it

    works good have used it for 10 yearsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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  • Eclecticsista By  Eclecticsista    

    A great Product I can Get "Behind"

    Boudreaux?s is the best diaper rash cream on the market. I tend to lean toward 100% natural products but Boudreaux?s does have natural ingredients,I trust the brand and ultimately I need a product that works and works fast and Boudreaux?s butt paste works like a charm. Even If you put it on the worst rash before bed it will most likely be gone by morning.I love, love,love it,natural ingredients and doesn't have a harsh smell like other products.It works well on rashes and it's gentle. I continued to use it on my second child just as I did with my first. I even made sure I purchased some for my family and friends who are expecting.

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  • Eddie1991 By  Eddie1991    

    Works amazing

    This product works amazing! I have tried many brands and to me this one works the best. You can never go wrong with this paste.

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  • Fitmomma20 By  Fitmomma20    

    Loved this brand! Worked very well in getting rid of diaper rash.

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  • McSpazz By  McSpazz    

    Best Paste!

    I absolutely love Boudreaux's Butt Paste! It heals immediately and always works effectively. I?ve used so many pastes and always go back to boudreauxs. This is my go to and I always recommend it especially for those whose littles who easily get rashes.

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  • Carlib2636 By  Carlib2636    

    Best rash cream

    One of the best over the counter diaper rash ointments. My daughter broke out so bad this was the only ointment tgat helped

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