Botox Injections Can Come With Surprising Relief for Those Suffering Depression

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 03, 2014

Even though Botox injections make it harder for some to crack a great big smile, the plastic surgeon’s wonder drug may actually make those suffering from depression happier. A few studies are now suggesting that the use of Botox can help people combat their depression.

The Washington Post reports about the studies and the new doors Botox may one day open up for those with a depressive disorder. The latest study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research found that 27% of participants found their depression went into remission after receiving Botox injections and more than half of all of the respondents experienced significant improvement in their mental health.

Psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, author of the latest study, explains how Botox may be helping people with depression. He says, “There are several nerves, about 12 of them, that go straight into the brain through the skull. We’re used to thinking of them in terms of their outbound messages or signals. We’re not used to thinking of them in terms of their inbound messages.”

It’s pointed out that Botox as an anti-depressant replacer may sound hopeful, but at $400 a pop and effects only lasting about 3 months it doesn’t sound very cost effective. But as studies continue maybe depression sufferers will one day turn to the injections for relief.

Would you ever try Botox?

What do you think of the new studies that suggest Botox may help combat depression?


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