Boppy Nursing Pillow

Boppy Nursing Pillow

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A Must Have Keeper! I nursed four children and my last two for about two years each. This pillow was never far from me and I wouldn?t go anywhere without it. I wasn?t comfortable in most public places so I would go back out to the van if need be. Life was so much harder if I didn?t have it! It never failed me and I still have it. It?s a nice neck pillow for a bit of boost laying at night on my phone or reading.

Perfect nursing pillow! I always loved when I used mybBoppy Nursing Pillow when my son was nursing! It really helped to hold his head in the right position! Definitely a necessity for nursing mothers!

A must have for any new mom. So many uses and they come in handy for years.

Number one on my baby list This made my life soo much easier when it came to feeding! :D So blessed to have had one.

I loved my boppy through 3 babies. Great for nursing in the early months and sitting up for older babies. The only thing I wish is that the cover was more water proof and stain resistant.

Love it! Love my bobby! I use it daily for almost every nursing session.

Love this product! This is a must have when nursing because I rest it under my arm. I used it a lot when my baby was first born but now even more because he?s so much heavier. It has versatile usage with tummy time and sitting up options. Super worth it

Multiple functions Yes, theyre expensive! But theyre so worth it. I breastfeed and my baby girl LOVES to lay across it and grub. She also loves to chill on it... To prop her up to sit.. Or for tummy time. I have back pains after having 4 kids and i place it behind my back and lay on it.. And it eases my pain. Best money spent.. Omg anndddd they sell cuteee covers in millions of designs.

Essential for new moms! This is seriously one of my favorite items to use when nursing. I love the support that it gives and how it can also double as a prop pillow to help your baby when they are doing tummy time and learning how to sit up. A staple for new moms! The interchangeable covers are also super handy for when baby spits up or makes a mess. You can also throw the entire pillow in the washer and dryer and it keeps its shape fine.

A must have! I love my boppy pillow! I got several cute covers to use with it. This was a godsend when I was breastfeeding and also came in handy for tummy time as well. Definitely a must have!

Amazing I love the Boppy Nursing Pillow. I used it for my two younger children and it was amazing when nursing. I even used it for tummy time and also when helping to learn sitting up. Definitely one of the best things you can buy for baby. Highly recommended.

Multiple use I love this people. It?s perfect for nursing, tummy time and helping baby learn how to sit up. Then when they get older they can use it as a pillow to watch a movie.

This is an amazing pillow if you're nursing your baby or not. It is soft for baby & you. You can change out the cover of the pillow & it comes in a cute plastic bag you can easily pack it up & carry around. It's affordable & can be found anywhere nursery items are sold.

Must have Must have for all moms. It's great for supporting your arm while you hold the baby but also a good support for them as they grow. This was the only way my daughter would do tummy time.

Love the Boppy pillow I love my Boppy nursing pillow. I've had two throughout my three kids; it is an absolute must have. Especially if you are a c section mommy like me. It makes breastfeeding so much easier! You can also use it as a way to prop up baby and use it as a seat, or just a way to hold baby. I love it. I'd highly recommend getting a couple covers.