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  • Pompbella By  Pompbella    

    Multiple functions

    Yes, theyre expensive! But theyre so worth it. I breastfeed and my baby girl LOVES to lay across it and grub. She also loves to chill on it... To prop her up to sit.. Or for tummy time. I have back pains after having 4 kids and i place it behind my back and lay on it.. And it eases my pain. Best money spent.. Omg anndddd they sell cuteee covers in millions of designs.

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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    Essential for new moms!

    This is seriously one of my favorite items to use when nursing. I love the support that it gives and how it can also double as a prop pillow to help your baby when they are doing tummy time and learning how to sit up. A staple for new moms! The interchangeable covers are also super handy for when baby spits up or makes a mess. You can also throw the entire pillow in the washer and dryer and it keeps its shape fine.

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  • Ashleigh3 By  Ashleigh3    

    A must have!

    I love my boppy pillow! I got several cute covers to use with it. This was a godsend when I was breastfeeding and also came in handy for tummy time as well. Definitely a must have!

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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    


    I love the Boppy Nursing Pillow. I used it for my two younger children and it was amazing when nursing. I even used it for tummy time and also when helping to learn sitting up. Definitely one of the best things you can buy for baby. Highly recommended.

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  • Lohan02 By  Lohan02    

    Multiple use

    I love this people. It?s perfect for nursing, tummy time and helping baby learn how to sit up. Then when they get older they can use it as a pillow to watch a movie.

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  • brittneym12 By  brittneym12    

    This is an amazing pillow if you're nursing your baby or not. It is soft for baby & you. You can change out the cover of the pillow & it comes in a cute plastic bag you can easily pack it up & carry around. It's affordable & can be found anywhere nursery items are sold.

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  • Photomama814 By  Photomama814    

    Must have

    Must have for all moms. It's great for supporting your arm while you hold the baby but also a good support for them as they grow. This was the only way my daughter would do tummy time.

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  • mevsthree By  mevsthree    

    Love the Boppy pillow

    I love my Boppy nursing pillow. I've had two throughout my three kids; it is an absolute must have. Especially if you are a c section mommy like me. It makes breastfeeding so much easier! You can also use it as a way to prop up baby and use it as a seat, or just a way to hold baby. I love it. I'd highly recommend getting a couple covers.

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  • sstory By  sstory    

    Best thing ever

    As a mom who has breastfed our daughter from day one on to 14 months, I couldn't recommend the boppy pillow more highly. Initially I tried propping our daughter up with just pillows, but after using the boppy it was a no brainer and I took it everywhere we went. I ordered a travel boppy as well since we traveled often but always rathered the full size boppy. Love love love our boppy!

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  • JDMom16 By  JDMom16    

    This saved me when I had to breast fees my daughter it was so good to have something to lay her on so my elbows didn't kill me from the pain

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  • Xashleycherix By  Xashleycherix    

    A must have for nursing. I still use it and my son is almost 2. Very convenient and comfy too!

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  • Xashleycherix By  Xashleycherix    

    A must have for nursing. I still use it and my son is almost 2. Very convenient and comfy too!

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  • shortsweetmom By  shortsweetmom    

    Must have!

    I use this nursing pillow daily. It has been a huge help when it comes to nursing. It supports baby and gives you the chance to rest your muscles.

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  • Yazmara By  Yazmara    


    Received one for my baby shower it's totally a life saver I didn't realize how heavy baby's are until I had one, I even use it to feed my baby her bottle or to prop her up in our bed

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    This was one of the best purchases for a new mom that I ever made. It was my best friend in nursing my son. It allowed me flexibility in holding him securely without straining my arms and hands or even my back. I loved it!

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