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    This is cool looking and I wanted to like it, but my 11-month-old daughter ripped the cap off of it almost immediately after I gave it to her for the first time. The plastic attachment is very small and not very durable, Boon would do better to use a metal attachment of some sort. Now the container part sits in her toy bin gathering dust

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  • klotto By  klotto    

    I have always been intrigued by the boon products. I think they are well thought out and just cool looking. I was really happy with the bowl for my 2.5 year old snack. She likes holding it and it is easy for her to handle. You can't go wrong with this snack bowl.

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  • tmaier By  tmaier    

    When I first saw this product I was thrilled. Finally, something fun to put snacks in. Well, it's fun alright. He opens it and then throws it as far as he can across the room, car, playground etc. That's not the products fault though. The other problem I have is it does not keep snacks fresh for very long. It would be nice if there were some sort of "seal" around the opening to keep it closed more securely.

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  • samiam54 By  samiam54    

    Love it!

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  • OutTheBlue By  OutTheBlue    

    How neat!! Very good idea & it's cute too!!!! Perfect for snacks on the go especially OTG with kiddos :o)

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  • oregonk By  oregonk    

    This can fit in my diper bag for my 2 year old daughter

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  • cmcannizzaro By  cmcannizzaro    

    A perfect snack container. My daughter loves this!

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