Bonne Bell  Lip Smacker Lip Gloss Dr. Pepper

Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Lip Gloss Dr. Pepper

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My Lip Gloss Is Poppin' This is the TASTIEST lip smackers I've every had the pleasure of smothering over my crusty, dry lips. It glides on smoothly, doesn't feel oily. It lasts for a hot minute. It quite literally resembles a Dr. Pepper can. I'm a huge Dr. Pepper fanatic. This is a byproduct of being raised in Texas my entire life. To find a Dr. Pepper chapstick made me make noises that I had no intention of making around "normal" folks... I am definitely not a normal person by any means. If I find more of these lip smackers, I WILL be hoarding them. 1000/10 will recommend to everyone I talk to!

Better Flavor of Lipsmackers I love this one compared to other lipsmackers flavors. The other flavors tend to be a little dry but this one is always moist.

Boy this brings back memories. How can you not love the taste? And the feel on my lips is nice.

Good beauty staple A good basic lip balm thae smells and tastes yummy!

Chap stick Its fun and outside of the box with the design. My kids loved this.

If you love Dr. Pepper, you should buy this. It tastes just like it. I don't really like Dr. Pepper and find no use, except as a collector's item.

This takes me back to high school. Super fun way to keep your lips moist during this cold season and to add a bonus I'm now the cool aunt with super fun stuff in my purse.

One of the better lip smackers. This really does taste like DP! Way to go LS!

NO NO NO. OMGoodness, did not like at all. Was waxy and tasted nastly.

love it its a classic

No, This stuff makes your lips peel more, Awful. GREATSMELL. Awful protection.

Lip gloss is good . Smell is good. Nice red color. Great for stocking stuffers.

I am so happy I decided to buy this gloss again as an adult! ! It is a lightweight gloss that has a tint of color (the perfect sheer cherry tint). I honestly think the tint would look great on anyone.

I love this! Great flavor! I would recommend this to any Dr. Pepper lover!

I love the texture and the cherry like scent to it!