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  • ladylambe713 By  ladylambe713    

    Best sports drink out there

    I love this drink! I have a two month old and breastfeed, my lactation consultant suggested coconut water. I hated the taste of other brands and I found these as a 10/10 at our local grocery store and thought why not. It is a coconut water that tastes way better. There are several flavors, mine is the lemonade, my husbands is the fruit punch. I haven't come across a flavor I don't like. There is a wide variety including banana strawberry, mango, berry bunch and many more. There are also low calorie ones. While I don't generally like the flavor of low calorie drinks, I do with these! I liked that these offered a little less sugar than most sports drinks, the added benefits of coconut water, and the test is great. I have recommended it to several people now. I have also learned that our local whole sale club store is offering them in bulk, which is another perk. For those who might be breastfeeding, I also noticed an upswing in milk production after I started drinking these. While I tried them due to breast feeding, I know these are going to be a regular staple in my house even afterwards.


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