Blue Hat Toy Company  Little Tunes MP3 Player

Blue Hat Toy Company Little Tunes MP3 Player

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This is a great little first MP3/boombox for a child. My son received this for his 4th birthday (he's now almost 7) and it has held up better than I could have imagined. My son definitely puts his toys to the test when it comes to durability. The player comes with 20 prerecorded songs already loaded onto it. We downloaded an additional 20 or so songs that we knew he enjoyed, like songs from the Spongebob Movie, Disney songs, and songs from the radio. Recently, my husband has downloaded Dr Seuss books on MP3 and he and my son will listen to them when he's being tucked in for bed. My son brings this player everywhere he goes, in the car, to Grandma & Grandpa's house, he even tries to bring it into the store with us. It has a plug-in to put headphones in so he can listen to "his music" while we listen to something else. With no reservation I would highly recommend this toy.