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  • CaseyLynn76 By  CaseyLynn76    

    I like being able to get good healthy snacks for my crybabies. With Blue Dog Bakery products that is what I get.

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  • mmaskaly By  mmaskaly    

    These are fabulous treats for your dog -- they are low fat, crunchy and don't have a lot of "junk" in them. They were one of the first treats recommended to me when I got Toby and they are the treats I still give him and tell others about. For a while they were the only treats I gave him.

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  • kimmy18 By  kimmy18    

    My dog loves all Blue Dog Bakery products. And they are made of better ingredients than a lot of other treats out there. Walmart carries a big variety of them. Great product.

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  • shuber By  shuber    

    My dogs love these and I feel good giving them something natural and low in fat, it's vert hard to find and they also make them for small dogs!!

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  • musicmomma By  musicmomma    

    Funny dad was visiting and I had a few of these treats on the counter in a zipper bag. He thought they were people cookies and had one! Eeeks! I really would have stopped him had I seen him do it!!! They smell like Molasses and my dog loves them!!!!

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  • Noahsark77 By  Noahsark77    

    I found these at my local grocery store, when I went to read the ingredients I was shocked on how natural they were! Our dog gobbled them up and LOVED them. I will only buy these from now on and the price was very reasonable. About $2.99 a box, great deal for great ingredients!! :)

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  • kbusse By  kbusse    

    My dog will "pick" these over many of the other treats that we have. I will definitely buy more! Great price too.

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  • itsrachelann By  itsrachelann    

    My dogs love em!

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  • stieflern By  stieflern    

    I have found these at Krogers and my dog absolutly loves them! They are great-- low cal and small in size

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  • gordon24nfn By  gordon24nfn    

    Our new Weimeraner is a finicky eater, he doesn't like most dog treats, but he loves these. Also the "More Flavors" are enjoy by him as well. @hscottage: I found these in our local grocery(Kroger) store!

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  • jswank By  jswank    

    My dog LOVES these and they are a great size. I usually get them at SuperFresh fro 3.99. They make such a great treat as well for holidays and it beats the mess of making them yourself!

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  • JBallantine By  JBallantine    

    I usually make my dogs cookies instead of buying them from stores with all the extra preservatives and things in them but we found these on clearance while camping and I grabbed some for the dogs since they were all natural. The dogs loved them almost as much as the homemade ones. These are really great treats for your dog!

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