Bloggers Standing Beside Each Other in Support of Amanda Henson

   By SheSpeaksTeam  May 11, 2014

Last week a popular parenting blogger and member of our own community, Amanda Henson of High Impact Mom and It's Me Amanda, made an announcement on her blog that took brought her readers to tears. Her blog spoke in volumes about the bad news she had just received:

Two days ago, my sweet doctor called and despite it being against what they regularly do (she’s wonderful and knew how badly I needed to know the results), gave me the news.

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.
Yes, that ugly “c” word has now been forever associated with my name.
When she said the words I already knew were coming, I literally choked on my own tears. Breathless, if you’ll allow me to be redundant, only begins to describe it.  More like the air in my lungs was ripped out of my body.  After a blessedly brief crying jag, I pulled myself together and spread the word to my network of friends and family.
Amanda’s diagnosis of Stage 3 Breast Cancer has created a strong reaction in the social media community. It really proves that there is power in our voices and that there is a bond formed between bloggers that is very powerful. The voices are genuine, and the bonds formed are tight. An army of support, literally, has been created via hash tag #AmandasArmy to support Amanda's efforts and raise money for her family. Funds donated via In addition, a You Tube video has been produced to broadcast support across the Internet.
The money raised is going toward paying Amanda's medical bills. So far the fundraiser has surpassed 7K with 127 supporters. The last message on the page read that Amanda is going for more testing, including genetic testing to determine the course of action.
Click on the hash tag on Twitter to view the outpouring of support and check in daily to Amanda's blog for an update. In her latest post, she signed off with these words:
For now I’ll sit on my porch, sling back a few Rasp-ber-itas, read my Cancer-for-Dummies book and love on the wee people.

Head over to to help support Amanda and her road to recovery.


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nunyabiznis7 by nunyabiznis7 | Bonaire, GA
May 19, 2014

I'm a fellow blogger from My Subscription Box Addiction ( I am jumping on the support bandwagon also. I have just been released from the hospital myself and had no clue until just now. Amanda, my heart and prayers are with you and the struggle you must face. Keep a positive attitude because it WILL take your body a long way. Never just give up and save one of those Rasp-ber-itas for me!

MsParentguru by MsParentguru | CHICAGO, IL
May 13, 2014

I wish you the absolute best. Not sure if this is true, but read that cancer cells feed on sugar, so please eliminate immediately from your diet. My prayers are with you Amanda!

Jllucas31 by Jllucas31 | MELBOURNE, FL
May 12, 2014

First let me say I am so sorry to hear this. My family and I have a lot of experience with breast cancer. Check yourself weekly. Look for redness, swelling, lumps(painful or painless) or thickening, discharge, change in shape of the breast, pitting or dimpling, armpit thickening or lumps, swelling at the collarbone, pinching, prominent new veins, redness or rash, or inverted nipple. And if something is "found" on mammo and ultrasound...DEMAND biopsy. And one more thing I would like to add is that breast cancer doesn't discriminate. You are never too young for breast cancer. I have spoken with a 15 year old and 17 year old in my area that are currently undergoing treatment. Great article and wish Amanda the best.