Blistex Revive & Restore

Blistex Revive & Restore

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I love this stuff. It is great for use right before bed to help hydrate your lips. I always have chapped lips so this has been a life saver. I will say it is not as portable as other products but great for use at home.

works wonders on chapped lips

Blistex Revive and Restore is WONDERFUL. It works great in cold weather daily and on chapped or cracked lips. I would use this everyday, but the only thing is I run out of it quickly.

I just started using this and so far so good. It is helping to keep my lips moisturized and my lips look younger after each application (if that makes sense lol). I apply the restore at night before I go to bed and I use the revive in the day time although it probably doesn't matter how to apply it so this is just my way :)

works well, though I have very dry lips, was hoping it lasts longer with repeating applications.

My lips were chapped so bad I didn't know what to do. I bought like 3 other brands first and nothing worked. So then I went to walmart and I found this product. And my lips were really bad burning, stinging, peeling and everything. I started using this product and in about 3 days they were back to normal and feeling so much better. I love it!