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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I had this phone as a company provided phone for about a year. The keyboard makes it easy to type and I liked the message indicator alert. Bad thing is, this phone is really just for email and you can't really do much else with it as most apps are for Apple and Android

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  • haaliiii By  haaliiii    

    it's way too small i've never liked how small the buttons are on this phone. :(

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  • ymoore16 By  ymoore16    

    I have enjoyed having this phone, however I do not like not being able to receive videos without the phone locking up completely! I have to reset the phone by taking the battery out in order to get it to work again, it won't even turn off. Everything else about the phone is about what I have come to expect from any phone...surfing the web is a lot slower than my husband's new Droid 2 though. Would I recommend this now that I have "played with" other phones, NO I don't think so.

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  • mrsterrymom1 By  mrsterrymom1    

    This is a nice phone..downloaded a couple of apps and it was easy..The speaker on this little thing is great and very loud..I like to listen to my music downloads when I dont have anything to do...the screen size is perfect not to big not to small it just right. I have had no problems with this phone and no complaints...

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  • Vessigny By  Vessigny    

    After all the raving from friends, family and websites, I gave in and upgraded to the blackberry 8330. I had this phone for 1 1/2 years and I had nothing but problems with it. It took forever to receive picture mail, my text messages arrived 5-10 minutes after someone sent them, I replaced the actual phone 3 times along with the battery and trackball--nothing but problems. The customer service reps could only shake their heads and "wonder what's wrong with this dang phone, LOL." Anyway, I had enough and terminated that plan, put the BB Curve in a drawer and purchased a Lotus Elite for the kids to use. Overall, I like the Blackberry product and may use one again In the future. However, for right now, I'll stick to my iPhone.

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  • drewzmom By  drewzmom    

    I LOVE this phone. There are still some hardware issues. First one-trackball went' Second-usb port died. Working on the third one now.

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    I love this phone!!!! I am totally addicted to it!

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