BlackBerry Storm 9530

BlackBerry Storm 9530

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I had one and it works fine except sometimes it would freeze but other then that I LOVE IT !!! its like an I Phone except you can BBM you're friends !! you guys it is the BEST !

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. I have the storm 1 and my boyfriend has the storm 2. I have had to change mine 5 times in the course of a year. Something always went wrong. The phone became frozen all the time, then it locked my media card and I couldn't see any of the pictures. My boyfriend complained about his storm 2 months after he got it. He got it to replace the storm 1, and it still kept on getting frozen. The Storm is no good. Save yourself the headaches. Both of us can't wait until our contracts run out so we can just get the iphone or one of the droid phones....After all, the touch screen blackberry only came out to compete against the iphone. Less than 6 more months to go before our contracts end!! Wooohooo!!!

This phone is a lot of fun. I like it better than the iphone because of the clicking screen.

I like the phone a lot but it freezes a mother in law works for verizon and she said they are coming out with an update real soon to hopefully solve all the problems.