Black & Decker  PowerPro Wide Mouth Food Processor

Black & Decker PowerPro Wide Mouth Food Processor

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Usually I would research a buy such as this but I shopping with my Hunny sometimes makes me a terrible impulse buyer! All in all hopefully someone will learn from this disaster I know I have! The processor came with a nice large 10 cup bowl, a wide mouth feeder chute with mini chute built in and 500 watt power motor. The first 3 times I used the device it worked fine, all except the little mishap on my part where I failed to put the slicer end up and shredded my onion to pieces, which if that was what I wanted it worked fine, but I wanted slices. Even though I made the mistake it was my first dislike with the device simply because I would prefer 2 separate discs instead of the 2 in 1 combo. I also found that this disc on the slicer side would get food compacted up in between a tiny crevice that was quite dangerous to clean out. The only way to get the jammed in food out of there was to insert a toothpick and wiggle it around until it dislodged, this also brought up a sanitary issue as well, I just like all my food surfaces to get well washed and not be a ground for bacteria growth. Now all of this I could have dealt with until the day I decided to make pizza dough in it. I got the recipe right out of the manual it came with so I would ensure myself that this was the correct amount of flour to use and not cause any damage to the processor. I really loved how it made making pizza dough so easy, first batch done I cleaned out the bowl/blade to make a second dough. I just knew that I could live with this device even with all its little flaws...I just kept saying for 40 bucks I can deal with this! Second dough is done, time to take the thing apart to wash it all up...the dough blade won't come out!!! I pulled and pried nothing, my Hunny gets home and gives it a try as well, still won't budge. I think the dough moving around in the second batch knocked the blade off balance and made it jam. I can't say if it was a bad recipe that caused this to happen, the manual didn't give any maximum amount of flour to use in the device, yet the recipe printed in the manual without such info to me serves a a guide to what it can handle, tis the reason I used the recipe after all. So now I shall be reading all your reviews on some great food processors now that I'm searching for a new one!